Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hotel Review: The Everly Putrajaya Hotel

The reason why I didn't update my blog for almost two weeks is not because I was travelling or busy but I was too lazy and procrastination most of the time. Prefer spending my time with my family and Boyfie instead.

Date Stayed: 8th June - 12th June 2014

I was in Putrajaya last few months for Girl Guides National event and the event was held in The Everly Hotel Putrajaya. We even stayed in this hotel throughout the 5 days and 4 nights event. This hotel is quite well-known by the worldwide cause this is where the families and relatives of the passengers of the missing MH370 airplane gathered here.

The Everly Hotel Putrajaya 01
#1: Situated in Precinct 1, The Everly Hotel Putrajaya is connected to the Alamanda Shopping Centre making this hotel absolutely an excellent and strategic location. 

Travelled alone by myself, I took taxi once I got off from Putrajaya & Cyberjaya KLIA Transit Station and when I thought that the travel distance would be less than 5 minutes, I was completely wrong. The journey took more than 10 minutes.

The Everly Hotel Putrajaya 08
#2: Gracefully designed lobby with plenty of seats for the value guests

By looking at the lobby, I know that I can't wait to look at the hotel room. Funny thing about this hotel was there are two lifts, one directly to all the rooms whereas the other one to the function hall and most guests, including me got confused right after the check-in procedures. I guess, the hotel need to train their staffs properly on how to assist and give clear direction to the guests.

The Everly Hotel Putrajaya 02
#3: Colourful and well-designed deluxe room twin sharing furnished with comfort carpet

This spacious and cozy room is equipped with Wireless Internet access, LCD television, coffee and tea maker, ironing facilities, mini refrigerator, hairdryer and in-room safe. The room given to us was directly facing the view of Alamanda Shopping Centre .

The Everly Hotel Putrajaya 03
#4: Not just leisure, perfectly for the business group of people for them to keep track and do their work.

The Everly Hotel Putrajaya 04
#5: I personally love the couch area with plenty of cushions. 

The Everly Hotel Putrajaya 05
#6: Hand towels, bath towels and basic toiletries are available in the spacious and moderate clean bathroom.

The Everly Hotel Putrajaya 07
#7: As our room comes with complimentary breakfast, this was where we had our hearty breakfast every morning in Fuze Restaurant which located on the ground floor.

Comparing to the rest of the hotels I stayed before, honestly to say the breakfast provided here was much more better which comes with plenty of selection from Asian to Western meals. For Asian, one morning with nasi lemak, fried noodles and so on and the other morning served roti canai. As for Western, they served sausages, ham, toast, red beans and more.
The Everly Hotel Putrajaya 06
#8: Swimming pool with the Putrajaya lake view

Overall, I was indeed enjoyed my stay here and whenever there were break time between the event, I just spend my time staying in the room instead of going to the nearby shopping complex. So comfortable that I don't even feel like wanna go back home at that period of time.  

The Everly Putrajaya Hotel 
No. 1, Jalan Alamanda 2,
Precinct 1, Putrajaya, 
62000 Kuala Lumpur,


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  2. Very nice hotel but too near to my house though..hehe. . How about the price?

    P/s: I deleted the prev comment.. serius typo..haha

  3. Many visiting guests stayed there and told me the location is so perfect to handle their government matters nearby over several days besides catching the flights home. Now i understand why they said the lake view was very nice!

  4. Your article is really interesting. Thanks for sharing this informative article.
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  5. This is really a wonderful hotel . Thanks for sharing your experience . Mansarovar Yatra

  6. Wow, I like that kind of pool. Not too big, just a long stretch hehe.

    Happy Sunday, Diana!

  7. Nice pool with stunning views! Enjoy your week, dear! xoxo

  8. I did my first hotel review for Virtual Malaysia on this hotel. I was having such a cozy sleep that I overslept and missed out the breakfast! But the service shown to me was just awesome and I really have a great time there. Too bad during my visit, the pool was closed for maintenance.

  9. wow never knew that the everly hotel was for the mh370 victim's family members' stay...the room is huge! and your bed is also bigger than the conventional bed...and the best thing i like is always the couch..nice!


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