Tuesday, February 18, 2014

[ADV] New AirAsia Breakfast Combo

The most important meal of the day is none other than breakfast. Not just it gives your brain a boost but also energy to your body to kick off your day. So when you are flying, there's no more any excuse to skip breakfast as AirAsia has just been introduced the latest Breakfast Combo starting from 1st February with some of Malaysia’s all-time favourite meals such as Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai with Chicken Curry and Rice Congee with Scallops and also Pancake with butter & maple syrup.

Breakfast Combo
These new hearty Breakfast Combos are available on all AirAsia (AK flight code) flights from 5.30am – 11.00am every day, and each of them comes with Complimentary T&Co Coffee or T&Co Teh Tarik too from as low as only RM10 per set! 

Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak
Combo A - Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak + Free T&Co Cofee or Teh Tarik (RM12) 

Malaysian's No. 1 favourite fragrant coconut rice served with Pak Nasser's special chilli sambal and tender chicken rendang, accompanied with half of a hard-boiled egg and crunchy bites of fried anchovies and nuts. A truly complete set of nasi lemak and this is always my favourite choice when comes to AirAsia in-flight meals especially when back from travel overseas!

Roti Canai with Chicken Curry
Combo B - Roti Canai with Chicken Curry + Free T&Co Cofee or Teh Tarik (RM10)

Another Malaysia’s favourite breakfast choice - soft and fluffy texture of paratha bread served with juicy chicken and potato curry on the side.

Scallop Congee
Combo C - Scallop Congee + Free T&Co Cofee or Teh Tarik (RM10)

Indulge for healthy and simple breakfast? This warm and savoury rice congee is an ideal breakfast meal for everyone. It served with flavourful scallop and mushroom bits accompanied with condiments such as soft groundnuts, spring onions and minced chicken.

Pancakes with Butter and Maple Syrup
Combo D - Pancake with Butter and Maple Syrup + Free T&Co Cofee or Teh Tarik (RM10)

AirAsia's Breakfast Combo not just limited to local dishes, but it also serve breakfast in Western style. A stack of 3 irresistible piping hot pancakes topped with creamy butter and sweet maple syrup is another great choice to satisfy your hungry tummy.

So while you are flying onboard, don't forget to enjoy these AirAsia's Breakfast Combo like a king!

Start off my day before going to Laos with Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak

This post is brought to you by AirAsia.


  1. This is certainly interesting and wonderful to see their new menu! I love them and would definitely order them on my next flight on AK routes!

  2. you did order the meal when flying to Vientiane? I must be in deep slumber.

  3. I like this post i would choose nasi lemak or roti canai with chicken curry if i fly airasia

  4. Good . Now they have more option. I like

  5. AirAsia meal tastes nicer than MAS!

  6. i still remember .. a person sit next to me in AriAsia Aircaft offer me his food..
    And the food is good.. maybe because it free hahaha :D

  7. breakfast combo from RM10 very cheap leh!! still my all time fave is Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak

  8. This is my very first time that I am visiting here and I’m truly pleasurable to see everything at one place.vietnam tour


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