Monday, February 18, 2013

Double B: Bangkok & Brunei Trip 2013

When I met Bangkok for the very first time October last year (click HERE), I wish and pray hardly that I could able to go there again and yes, my wish was granted whereby my family and I did visit Bangkok for this year Chinese New Year holiday.

My dad almost signed up with tour company that cost almost RM3,000 per pax and luckily I managed to stop him from doing so. Imagine with that amount of money, I could travel and shop like crazy in Bangkok twice. So ended up, and once again I in charge of becoming the tour planner as well as as their so called "tour guide"; from booking the airtickets, reserve hotel rooms to arrange tour for 10 people. 

2013 Thailand, Bangkok & Brunei 01
#1: We flew with Royal Brunei and transit in Brunei 
It's been so long I never flew with  this airline as I used to travel with them like almost every week when I was kid, according to my parents.

2013 Thailand, Bangkok & Brunei 02
#2: We were so surprised when our deluxe room being upgraded to Presidential Suite but only for first night.

Since I went Bangkok before but for my family members, this was their first visit, some places I went for second time, which I think worth and highly recommended for their eye opening.

2013 Thailand, Bangkok & Brunei 03
#3: Terminal 21 - Good shopping place with unique concept

Bangkok Floating Market
#4: Damneon Sadouk Floating Market

Coconut Ice-cream
#5: Finally got to find the famous coconut ice-cream stall in Chatuchak Weekend Market

Whereas some I came across for the very first time such as:

2013 Thailand, Bangkok & Brunei 04
#6: Wat Pho - Temple of Reclining Buddha via Chao Phraya Tourist Boat

2013 Thailand, Bangkok & Brunei 05
#7: Stopby Chinatown for Chinese cuisines

2013 Thailand, Bangkok & Brunei 06
#8: 4 hours long roadtrip just to get closer with these tamed tigers in Tiger Temple Kanchanaburi Seriously a #butthurt case

2013 Thailand, Bangkok & Brunei 08
Not just Bangkok that we went, due to our 9 hours transit in Brunei while waiting back to KK, we're heading down to Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital city of Brunei for huge and scrumptious sushi at Escapade, the best Japanese restaurant in Brunei which highly recommended by most of my friends and family.

2013 Thailand, Bangkok & Brunei 07
#10: My shopping haul: 4 dresses, 12 tops, 2 shorts, 7 skirts, 4 bags & accessories

Talking about shopping, I can't deny that Bangkok is my favourite place to shop compare to my experience in Shenzhen, Jakarta, Bandung, Seoul and other cities I went before. Definitely for sure, I will go Bangkok again for third time. I think Bangkok has put spell on me, gosh!

By the way, my blog - Travel & Living Journal of DT has being nominated for 4 categories in MITBCA or Malaysia International Tourism Bloggers Conference & Awards; "Tourism Shopping Blog", "Tourism Travel Blog", "Tourism Blog of The Year" and "Tourism Destination Blog" by some mystery but sweet lil angels, which he/she doesn't want to reveal himself/herself.


Actually I kinda hate begging for votes from you guys but if you think my blog deserve those categories, I would appreciate if you could cast a vote for my blog. Follow the following steps if you like to vote my blog:
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Thank you guys and let me know if you had voted for my blog. Voting start now until 22nd February 2013.


  1. tiger tu tidor ke pengsan..hahaha...berani la you!!!

  2. aaaaaaaaaaa i wanna hug that tigerrrrrrrrrrr! i always wanted to do that :| envy you (though u just tip-touch it hehehe!)

    omg, u did lot of shopping?! bestnyerrr!

    yes, we are getting votes for you too :)

  3. congrats for the nomination! you deserved it. and definitely will vote for you!

  4. shopping at bangkok is really awesome! T___T jealous. haha anyway Happy CNY to you and family!

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  5. hooiiiiiiii banyak nya shopping! murah sgt ke?? like seriusly murah MURAH? heheheh

  6. Having been to Bangkok just recently, I can understand that this place holds plenty of sightseeing and shopping. That said, I have also covered the whole of Thailand and its about the same type of things to buy all over.

  7. Hahaaa gambar u cucuk tiger tu funny la! Kalo i, tak mau la bergambar dgan tiger tu, scary! Hihii

  8. Ya ya, I will never get bored of shopping at Bangkok & I miss it~~~ T_T

  9. waaaaaa how much you spent on those shopping hauls? I'm going there in december haha still very long though I'm already excited about it!!!

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