Saturday, May 8, 2010

Miyabi Japanese Restaurant

Another Japanese Restaurant in Damai... This restaurant is really hidden and not much people know about this place including me. I knew it when one of my colleague told me that he and his family having dinner at there. So, I decided to have lunch at there. Miyabi is non-halal japanese restaurant.

The ambience of the restaurant

Potato salad, ordered by my colleague

My main course (forget the name :P) but it is pork with curry

I would like to take more photos but my colleagues are too hungry. By the way, Miyabi doesn't not serve as tasty as Kaze. Especially my main course. The pork is not that tender and its hardly for me to bite it. Seems like haven't cook yet. Therefore, the rate is 2/5. Sorry Miyabi!

P/S: This is my own opinion. You can go and have a try. I wouldn't mind if you guys could leave a comment of Japanese Foods. I'm damn crazy about Japanese foods!

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