Friday, May 7, 2010

Itadakimasu @ Kaze Japanese House

Its located at Damai, besides Yoyo. Although it's very small and can fit not more than 20 people, but the foods they served makes me want to go again and again.
Promotoion for take away! I will try this one day~
Creative menu which written by hand
Potato Nuggest. Its serves with 4 pieces by the way but my camera skill is so lousy :(
The main course, Chicken Katsu Don.. It's my second times for having this
Lastly, the dessert..Pudding
Now it's my turn to review their foods. The foods were fine especially the main course, Chicken Katsu Don. It's makes me want go there for the 4th time. However, the rate that I will give will be 4/5. This is because the foods were served around 20-30 minutes. So, if you running out of time like my lunch hour is only 1 hour, I think is not advisable to have lunch at there. Besides that, not much choices for sushi. They did not served my favourite sushi, INARI! Luckily there are still California Maki available.
Anyway, the other reason I will still go there because it's cheap. NO SERVICE CHARGES by the way. Therefore, if you order main course t0gether with ocha (green tea), the average price is around RM12.

Then the other day during lunch, TTM and I had no idea what and where to eat so, we ended up eating Japanese foods again. When we browsed the menu, we noticed that the price had increased. TTM ordered Beef Teriyaki after I showed him that it's Kaze new menu. Meanwhile, I plan to order their maki because I'm still on diet. Don't want eat too heavy meals.

Tamago Maki

Tamago Yaki

Tamago from Kaze is so sweet, soft and mostly its delicious too

Kani Kama Maki

I loves Maki so much. Now I'm craving for maki again~

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