Monday, July 30, 2018

Personalised & Customised Gifts with Printcious

Besides fridge magnets, I do love to buy and collect luggage tags too whenever travel. I found they are pretty cute and adorable. However lately I bumped into someone who has the exactly similar design and colour as mine. So from there, I always want to customise and personalise my own luggage tag which is unique and one of a kind to further differentiate myself from others. 

This is where I found Printcious - a Malaysia online personalised gift store where you can create, customise a unique personalised gift not just for yourself, but for your loved one and friends too by just using an online tool from their website. 

Printcious 1

Besides luggage tags, you can even customise variety of items such as T-shirts, mugs, cushions, tote bags, puzzles, phone cases, tiles, canvas, ceramic tiles, coasters, mousepads and even button badges. 

Feeling like want to create and customise your own personalised gift with Printcious now?
Here are few simple steps to do so:

1) Firstly, create an account with Printcious for free. Two options were given; you can either login via Facebook account, or create an account using your valid email address. The process is pretty fast, simple and straightforward. Within few minutes, I have done creating my own account.

Printcious 2

2) Now you can start creating your gifts in 4 simple steps. Click on the Create and select the item you decided to customise.

Printcious 3

3) After you have decided which item you want, it's time to design and customise using the online tool provided. You can do so by simply upload the image and add text which can be found on the top left.

Printcious 4

4) You can upload any image you want, pick any font you like, resize the font and when you done and satisfy it, click green button DONE. Told you it's pretty simple, fast and straightforward. 

Printcious 5

5) Next, check the number of quantity you would like to purchase and click Checkout.

Printcious 6

6) Then, complete all your necessary details such as shipping address and payment method. Wait! I bet you all did online shopping before, right? Not that hard at all. 

Printcious 7

For your information, free shipping for those order above RM50 and this is valid for West Malaysia. As for those in East Malaysia, you have to pay shipping fee of RM15 only.

And now I can't wait for my one-of-a-kind luggage to arrive and share with you all. Wanna get yours too? What are you waiting for! Hurry up and customise your own too with Printcious.

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  1. Wow! This is so interesting when you can customize all these items to your own liking. I always encountered moments when I stood at the shop for so long and found nothing that I liked.


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