Thursday, April 26, 2018

Warsaw's Attractions & Sightseeing

Rise and shine, Warsaw! 
As usual, I woke up earlier than the rest for another adventures around the capital city of Poland. Normally, I got up from the bed before the sunrise but then not because I want to chase the sunrise but in order to capture photos without being photobombed - like they said, the early bird catches the worm. 

As I only have one whole day in Warsaw before leaving, I just selected few best places of interest to visit. 

Warsaw's Old Town (Stare Miasto)
The oldest part of the capital city. It is one of the most prominent tourist hubs with cobblestone alley and medieval buildings reconstructed after the WWII such as the city walls, the Barbican and St. John's Cathedral. Right in the heart of the area is the Old Market Place which consists restaurants, cafes and shops. 

2017 Europe Warsaw Old Town 04
#1: Warsaw's Old Town, the finest and most picturesque part of the city. 

2017 Europe Warsaw Old Town 02
#2: The market square offers wide range of good restaurants, cozy cafes as well as street arts and souvenirs.

2017 Europe Warsaw Old Town 03
#3: Warsaw Mermaid, the famous bronze sculpture which regarded as the symbol of Poland's capital.

Wilanow Palace
A royal palace situated in Wilanow district. Besides claimed to be one of the most beautiful monuments of the Polish Baroque architecture, it is also a museum of interiors and houses a collection of European and Oriental art. 

2017 Europe Warsaw Wilanów Palace 02
#4: The Palace initially served as a summer Royal residence of one of the greatest Polish monarchs. 

2017 Europe Warsaw Wilanów Palace 03
#5: The grandest room in the entire palace - The White Hall served stately purposes, as it featured banquets, balls and lavish ceremonies.  

2017 Europe Warsaw Wilanów Palace 04
#6: The Queen's Bedroom, one of the most spectacular Baroque interiors in the Palace.

Although I don't into Polish history, but Wilanow Palace is quite fascinating and worth for visit.

How To Get To Wilanow Palace
From the Old Town, take buses 116 or 180 and the journey takes about 35 minutes.

Admission Fee: PLN30 for regular ticket to museum and park.

Chopin Monument in Lazienki Park
A large bronze statue of Frederic Chopin, the outstanding Polish composer that now stands in the upper part of Warsaw's Royal Baths Park aka Lazienki Park. It is the best known Polish sculpture in the world. 

2017 Europe Warsaw Chopin Statue
#7: Choping Statue in Lazienki Park

Lazienki Palace
Not far away from Lazienki Park is the Lazienki Palace, a classicist-style palace in Warsaw's Royal Baths Park. Because this park is the largest in the city, I almost lost my way while walking from Chopin Statue to Lazienki Palace. Plus, there is no proper signboard around. Nicknamed the "Palace of the Isle", the building is set on an artificial island in the middle of a large lake. 

2017 Europe Warsaw Lazienki Palace
#8: Lazienki Palace, one of the city's finest examples of classicist-style architecture. 

2017 Europe Warsaw Lazienki Palace 02
#9: The palace is set on an artificial island in the middle of a large lake.

How To Get To Chopin Monument, Lazienki Park & Lazienki Palace
Any number of buses stop in front of the park's three main entrances on Al. Ujazdowskie, including numbers 116, 166 and 180. From the city centre, the easiest way of reaching Lazienki is take a tram from "Centrum" to Pl. Unii Lubelskiej and walk 100m along ul. Bagatela to the park's southern entrance in front of the Belvedere Palace. 

Warsaw Uprising Museum
The museum is a tribute of Warsaw's residents to those who fought and died for independent Poland and its free capital. The exhibition shows the struggle of everyday life before and during the Warsaw Uprising. Packed with interactive displays, photographs, video footage and miscellaneous exhibits, it's a museum that for sure will leave a mark on all visitors 

2017 Europe Warsaw Uprising Museum 01
#10: Warsaw Uprising Museum 

2017 Europe Warsaw Uprising Museum 02
#11: Exhibition within the museum

How To Get To Warsaw Uprising Museum:
Take metro to Rondo Daszynskiego station.

Admission Fee: PLN20 and it's free on Sunday.

Warsaw Uprising Monument
Warsaw Uprising Monument is a monument specially dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. The thing about this monument is it is not located nearby to the Warsaw Uprising Museum but built on the Kransinski Square of the Old Town instead.  

2017 Europe Warsaw Uprising Monument
#12: Warszawa Memorial of the Warsaw Uprising

The best way to wander around the city is by taking public transportation. The public transport system in Warsaw is generally well-developed. Although some are painfully slow, but the tickets are dirt cheap. The cheapest full-fare ticket cost PLN3.40 for 20 minutes ride while a 24-hour ticket is PLN 15 (approx. to RM18). Always remember to immediately validate your tickets after boarding the bus or tram or at the subway station gate. 

2017 Europe Warsaw Bus 24 Hours Ticket

Last but not least, don't leave Warsaw without trying out Poland's most famous dish - Pierogi which is kind of dumpling with the most various stuffings like meat and cheese. I had this at one of the restaurants in the Old Town, or if you are travel in budget, you could try find this in supermarket. 

2017 Europe Polish dumplings Pierogi
#13: Pierogi, the famous Polish dish which alikes dumpling.

Here are the breakdown of the expenses I spent in Warsaw for 3 days 2 nights:

Polski Bus from Krakow to Warsaw
24-hour ticket

Dream Hostel – 2 nights

Food & Beverages

Admission Fee
Wilanow Palace
Warsaw Uprising Museum

Souvenirs – magnets, postcards, stamps











Exchange rate: €100 (RM512) = PLN423.50 on average 

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

From Krakow to Warsaw & It's Like Hell Day For Me

It was raining by the time I arrived Krakow.
And when I was about to leave, it was drizzling and miserably cold too.
Well, at least the weather was pretty good to me the day before so that I could managed to cover several notable attractions and popular landmarks around Krakow before leaving. 

I left the hostel right after had the free breakfast provided and walked to the bus station which not far away - less than 10 minutes walk perhaps. This time around, I carried additional thing with me which is the newly bought luggage bag from the shopping mall nearby. In case you're wondering, I actually travel without any baggage throughout my solo trip around Europe for almost three weeks cause the luggage I packed before the trip went missing somewhere in Dubai - not sure whether it's Malaysia Airlines or Emirates's fault (will blog more about this incident in upcoming post) but then always think of a bright side, it's not bad to travel light somehow. 

2017 Europe Krakow Railway Bus Signboard
#1: One World Hostel of Krakow is smack right in between the main market/square and railway/bus station.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Salâm from Iran

I really lost count the trips I had for this year - whether it's my 3rd or 4th trip so far. I have been bitten by travel bugs once again, cause I lost my passion in travelling somewhere in between 2016 to 2017 due to personal reasons but now, I'm craving for more travel adventures - not sure this is good or bad sign anyway.

2018 Iran Isfahan 01
#1: Iran marks the 41st country I visited and it's my first Middle East country I've been.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Qatar Airways, My Favourite Getaway to Europe

It all started when my friend and I planning to see the Northern Lights, or known as aurora borealis. After browsing few airlines, we spotted Qatar Airways is having promo, whereby fly-in Stockholm and fly-out Oslo for RM2,780 which consider to be reasonable and affordable cause both of these cities are well-known to be comparatively expensive to fly in and out. Without thinking any longer, instantly we click book and that's goes our "Duo Trip to Hunt for Aurora Lights". 

2016 Qatar Airways 01-1

Friday, April 6, 2018

Europe (2017): 3D2N in Krakow, Poland

After experiencing more than 8 hours in the overnight sleeper train from Prague, the train finally arrived in Krakow Glowny, the Central Train Station in Krakow. The first thing I done right after I came out from the train station is directly look for the hostel I booked beforehand. One thing I love about Krakow is the train station and the old town are located just side by side, without have to travel far away.