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Europe (2017): Overnight Train From Prague To Krakow

After spending more than 24 hours in the beautiful city of Prague, I proceeded to the next country which I never been before - Poland. Poland is a country in Eastern Europe with a rich and eventful history which situated next to Czech Republic. After did my research, I decided to take overnight train from Prague to Krakow. Well, it's not my first time to experience overnight train as I experienced this before in Norway last two years (until now I haven't blog anything about my Northern Light experience yet) but then the difference is, I'm taking alone for this round. It's wise to book everything beforehand than purchase on the spot.

Almost majority of my transportation tickets I bought online and for this overnight train from Prague to Krakow, I purchased directly from this particular website - the Czech Railways (CD) website It's pretty simple and straightforward to book from this website, just like how you purchase your airticket from AirAsia or Malaysia Airlines website. The train booking normally opens 90 days ahead, or even 60 days for certain routes in Eastern Europe. As I plan to overnight in the train, I chosen the sleeper with 3-berth compartment instead of couchette. Of course then, my choice would be slightly higher in term of the cost but I rather sleep comfortably so that I can have the energy to continue my adventure on the following day. Curious how this train looks like? Watch the video I uploaded at the bottom.
Praha hlavní nádraží
#1: Praha Hlavni nadrazi, the largest and main railway station in Prague which provides international railway connections. 

From Ritchie's Hostel & Hotel which I stayed for a night before in Prague, I packed my bag and search for the nearest train station heading to Praha Hlavni Nadrazi, the largest and main railway station in Prague. This is where it provides international railway connections such as to Vienna, Budapest, Berlin and Krakow. The thing about me is I love to arrive train stations or airports at least 1 or 2 hours earlier from the estimated time of departure to avoid any unforeseeable circumstances. Something really happened when I went for ticket verification and being requested to print out the new one - on a piece of white plain paper instead. I was lucky that I managed to find a shop that allow me to print out the new ticket or else, I wasn't allow for boarding into the train. 

2017 Overnight Train to Prague to Krakow 07
#2: Billa grocery at the ground floor of the railway station 

Clear with the mess I did, I went and bought few buns, snacks and drink before the boarding time. There is a grocery namely Billa located on the ground floor of the railway station where you can find various of food and drinks in more affordable price. Time approach, and it's start for boarding into the train.

2017 Overnight Train to Prague to Krakow 02
#3: I chosen the woman 3-berth compartment with bottom sleeper. 

2017 Overnight Train to Prague to Krakow 04
#4: It comes with two bottles of drinking water and basic toiletries set. How thoughtful they are? 

2017 Overnight Train to Prague to Krakow 03
#5: Feeling smell? Don't worry cause there is a shower room inside the train. It's funny that I need to look for the train officer how to open the shower room door cause none of us know how to open it.

So, how's the experience of overnight inside the train? First of all, I glad that I chosen the bottom berth so that I don't need to climb up and down whenever I need to go to the toilet. There is no proper staircase for the passengers to climb up and down which I found it's really inconvenient for those who sleep in the middle and upper berth. Am I manage to sleep comfortably throughout the ride? Probably I was over exhausted from non-stop walking when I was in Prague, so when I saw the bed, I feel it's like a luxury thing for me. Although I found a little bit annoying with the two ladies who slept above me where both of them non-stop keep climbing up and down, but luckily it happened during the beginning of the ride and they stop doing so afterward. And one more thing I love about this train is that you can charge all your electronic devices inside the train - get ready to charge my smartphone and power bank. 

The train to Krakow is estimated to reach by 7.17 am at least, but an hour before reaching, someone knocked our door. Because I was on the bottom berth, therefore I was the one to open the door. And guess what? The train officer greeted me "Good Morning" along with hearty breakfast. Wait! What? I really have no idea that my train ticket comes along with all these packages. I was given a choice either coffee, tea or me - well, just kidding. It's just two; either coffee or tea and I picked the first one to kick off my day. 

2017 Overnight Train to Prague to Krakow 05
#6: Hearty breakfast before reaching Krakow - breads, biscuits, coffee/tea and fruit juice.

2017 Overnight Train to Prague to Krakow 06
#7: After more than 8 hours train ride, finally we arrived Krakow Glowny. 

Last but not least, the most important question - so how much does this overnight train ticket cost? I bought it at least three weeks before my departure date and it cost me CZK877 (approx. to RM177). Consider it to be reasonable as I can save my accommodation cost as well as my time too. Well, say hello to Krakow - my next blogpost! 

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  1. very useful information for those who plan to visit Krakow.

  2. If have chance, I wish to experience overnight train :D
    In the train, do it has locker to put luggage or all put on the floor?

    1. Good question. It doesn't have locker to place the luggage. I was lucky to book the lower berth, so I placed my luggage underneath it.

  3. Tqsm for sharing.. Great trip..

  4. Would love to try taking an overnight train too, but definitely prefer a private bunk if possible. Nice write-up! xoxo

  5. Your trips are so interesting and gave me a better insight on how and where to start my trip. Finally I concluded that I need to make 2-3 trips like you for European destinations.

    Sleeping in overnight trains can save a lot of time and money too.

  6. Now I am learning how to sleep on overnight trains to save hotel for a night. Great sharing! Thanks Diana!


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