Sunday, June 4, 2017

2017 Melbourne & Sydney (Sneak Peek)

I'm not sure whether should I consider this as my first trip for the year 2017 as I did a short trip to Singapore in February but somehow I felt like it's been ages I haven't travel since ever I back from Sweden & Norway. 

I chosen to return back to Australia again cause Australia is always been my favourite country to visit, after Japan. Don't ask me why but it's been my favourite one since I was small. Eventually I plan to visit those cities I haven't been like Perth and Tasmania but at the end, I plan to revisit Melbourne and Sydney again cause three of my friends who tagged in this trip never been to these two cities before. 

So, hello once again Melbourne after 5 years and Sydney after two years. 

#1: Autumn in my heart💖

Since I went Melbourne before, many places I went for the second time like:

1) Puffing Billy, Australia's Favourite Stream Train (Check out my old post)

2) Great Ocean Road but this time around, I did self-drive road trip instead of following local tour operator

3) Mornington Peninsula - another self-drive road trip too

But of course, the significant differences between my first trip to Melbourne and the latest one is I was indeed having more fun travelling with my friends rather than travelling alone. Another best part is I can have more photos of myself when travelling with my own friends rather than asking strangers to take my photo as I did feel a little bit awkward. Not forgetting, you can even ordering and enjoying more food when doing cafe hopping. As the quote says, "The more, the merrier."

Cafe Hopping Melbourne - 1
Cafe hopping around Melbourne

But I glad in between the trip, I managed to cover few of the places and attractions I missed out during my first solo trip to Melbourne;

Walked down and admired the graffiti street art in Hosier Lane

Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes
Did hundred of pose at the colourful bathing boxes in Brighton Beach

After spending 5 days and 4 nights in Melbourne, we flew to Sydney via Jetstar
Jetstar Mel to Sydney

Just like my Melbourne trip, many of the places and attractions in Sydney I went twice like Blue Mountain & Three Sisters, Bondi Beach, Sydney Fish Market but all these I haven't blog yet. I just did a short and brief sneak peek. Wondering when will I able to update all my backlog travelogues 😓

One of the main reasons why I chosen to revisit Sydney is merely to witness Vivid Sydney - the world's largest festival of lights, music and ideas. Another of my bucket list ticked off.

2017 Vivid Sydney 01
Vivid Sydney held from 26 May to 17 June this year - We were lucky to witness before leaving Sydney.

2017 Vivid Sydney 02
Vivid Sydney at Opera House - It's overcrowded 

2017 Vivid Sydney 03
Museum of Contemporary Art 

2017 Vivid Sydney 04
Magicians of the Mist at Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour 

The shows were absolutely stunning and fascinating, although minus the overcrowded with human part. I don't mind to return again back next year for Vivid Sydney, perhaps with my family next round. 

Till then, wish to back Australia again for more adventures

Except those with watermark, all my photos taken using Huawei p9 and Huawei p10. 


  1. All your photos looked very exciting and lovely. I have not visited Melbourne and have been hesitating for no reasons. I will start planning now.

  2. Fly to Sydney from Melbourne is a good idea, can go to 2 different cities.


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