Wednesday, May 3, 2017

DT Is Back To Blog!

Anyone miss me? 😜

In Norway last year September

Something happened last year which causing me to private my blog and I decided to take a break for almost a year. Of course, I do miss blogging but I think it's best to put aside my blog for a while, settle few things first and slower down my current lifestyle as age is catching up now.

Although my blog is on long hiatus mode, I still travelling as usual:
1) Went London last year July for Girl Guides International Camp - Back to London again after 8 years. 
2) Went Sweden & Norway for two weeks last year September - Norway marked as the 36th country I visited so far. 
3) Short break to Singapore, Miri & Kuching

On top of that, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all my blog readers and friends who actually sent email, comments and messages asking me what is going on with my blog. Sorry for the long hiatus and setting my blog to private mode without any announcement which causing many of you unable to read my blog. However, feeling so touch when I found out that most of them love reading my blog. Thanks for the kind words, support and encouragement. I will try my best to catch up all my backlog travelogues as my last travelogue stop at 2014 Northern Thailand.


  1. Welcome back, Diana.

    So glad you are back. Hope you are okay now.

    Look forward to more posts from you . Hugs

  2. Welcome back! Missed reading your blog posts. Was contemplating of emailing to see if you were ok but didn't want to freak you out. Lol but I know you are still Instagram so... ;)

  3. Welcome back and look forward for your travel posts :)

  4. Welcome back, sweetie! Glad to know all's working well with you! Looking fwd to hearing from you, DD! xoxo

  5. I am so surprised that I missed this post. You have been my travelling mentor and you know that too.
    Welcome back and don't disappear again yeah... I cannot imagine what had happened to you. You know I very kay poh type....


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