Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mystical Myanmar (2014) Day 6 & 7: From Inle Lake to Yangon & Goodbye Myanmar!

I think we left our hearts in Inle Lake...

and it's really hard for us to bid goodbye to this pristine and wonderful watery world. We really wish we could spend more times here but because our trip to Myanmar was pretty short, no choice but to make our way back to Yangon again before taking flight back to our sweet homeland. 

Myanmar, Inle Lake Bus
#1: Bus from Inle Lake to Yangon details 

To Yangon, we took overnight bus which depart around 6.30 pm at Nyaungshwe Bus Station. Among all the bus ride we experienced; the journey from Inle Lake to Yangon is not just the longest ride we had which took more than 11 hours, it's also extremely one stomach-churning bus ride. My friend who sat next to me keep throwing up throughout the expedition. Therefore, remember to take motion sickness medication before embarking on this long journey. 

VIP overnight bus from Inle Lake to Yangon = 22,000 kyats (approx. to US$23 or RM75)

We arrived Aung Mingalar Bus Terminal of Yangon on the next morning. Since Yangon bus terminal is situated out of the town, we took taxi to the guest house which cost 7,000 kyats for 6 of us. To be exact, it wasn't taxi at all. It was actually light truck used to carry some heavy stuffs and we're trying our best to fit in seeing that they accepted the bargain price we offered. We're not sure whether it's legal or not but glad that we reach our guest house safe and sound. 

The guest house that we stayed for a night were so kind and thoughtful, that they allowed us to have breakfast and early check-in. The only downside, the location wasn't that great like most of the reviews I read from Agoda and Tripadvisor. 

Myanmar, Little Monks
#2: Little monks on the street 

Myanmar, Yangon Post Office
#3: Went post office to send postcards but somehow we never received it until now

We spent half our day wandering around Bogyoke Aung San Market, a 70 years old spawling market. It consists more than 2,000 shops and the largest selection of Myanmar handicrafts under several roods. 

Myanmar, Yangon Bogyoke Aung San Market 01
#4: Boygoke Aung San Market, sometimes called by its old British name, Scott Market

Myanmar, Yangon Bogyoke Aung San Market 02
#5: This is the place if you are looking for touristy knick-knacks such as jades, traditional longyis, puppets and etc. We bought few fridge magnets here as well, ranging from 1,000 kyats to 1,500 kyats (approx. to RM4 to RM6) per piece. 

Because our flight was scheduled to be in early morning, we booked taxi from our guest house directly. The ride from our guest house to the airport wasn't that long, it's like less than 20 minutes to Yangon International Airport sign. 

Myanmar, Yangon International Airport
#6: The huge mural of Kandawgyi Lake that cause every visitors attention

Myanmar, Yangon International Airport 02
#7: Myanmar National Airlines 

With the final visit of Myanmar, I officially unlocked all the 10 ASEAN countries – including Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar but not completely South East Asia (SEA) countries yet cause one more left, which is Timor Leste and now I’m waiting for AirAsia to commerce new route to there.

"As with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination."


  1. Wow! You have covered all the countries in ASEAN. Good for you.

  2. Wah, the bus ride took more than 11 hours. So far, the longest ride I had tried was around 8 hours which from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau.

    My postcard sent from Manila until now also did not receive and I forgot to take photo of the messages on postcard which I asked my travel buddies to write some words on it :(

  3. 11 hours? Pengsan.....

    Yes my friend went to Manila...sent postcards also tarak sampai.

    Too bad about the postcards you sent....


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