Friday, December 18, 2015

Mystical Myanmar (2014) Day 2: Awe-Inspiring & Magical Sunrise View of Bagan

Date Visited: 10th January 2014

It was cold and dark. We were awoke at ungodly hour by the bus driver as we were almost approaching the Bagan Ngaung U Station right after more than 8 hours long bus distance from Yangon. I still remember vividly, it was almost 5 am at that particular moment. 

Once we stepped down from the JJ Express bus, we were surrounded by few bunch of men approaching us to provide shuttle service to our hotel. Some even offered to provide day tour excursion. After negotiated in such a hurry as it was relatively chilly and cold while we were in our normal hoodie, we came to agreed price of 50,000 kyats (approx. to US$51 or RM168) for the 6 of us. 

Before the driver decided to drop us at our hotel, he politely suggested to bring us to a temple for sunrise viewing. Unclear the name of that particular temple we went cause there is no signboard or maybe I wasn't too aware of it, but I think it wasn't that far away from the bus station we arrived. 

We're required to climb up the staircases with limited of lights, or should I say we were fully dependent on our smartphones' light cause there is no street lights around. I was so worried I might tripped off but for the sake just to view the legendary Bagan sunrise, I glad I managed to climb safely with the rest of my friends.

After waited for almost an hour, finally the huge and bright golden ball arose beautifully with plenty hot balloon. Armed with our camera around, we were never stop from keep pressing our camera button.

Bagan Sunrise 02

Bagan Sunrise 03

Bagan Sunrise 04

Bagan Sunrise 05

Bagan Sunrise 06

Bagan Sunrise 07

Bagan Sunrise 09

Frankly speaking, I have seen plenty of sunrise and sunset throughout my travel adventures and up to date, Bagan is one of the most mesmerising and awe-inspiring sunrise view I ever witness. I barely remember the rest of the sunrise I ever witnessed but Bagan sunrise truly amazed me with the layer of the mist and hot balloons flying over abundant of small and medium temples - it's so magical!

P/S: Notice I changed my blog header? I try to keep it simple and basic. 


  1. I agree that the sunrise there looked so magical and lovely amidst the serene temples and golden skies!!
    Your photos of the many floating balloons is so unique and heavenly.

  2. The hot balloons pictures are so beautiful.

  3. I love your travel reports - very engaging and informative and with a nice dose of personal quips.

    The photos are beautiful. Nice detour opportunity to see the sunrise. :)

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  5. Oh wow, what a magical sight! The shots are stunning, DD! Happy holidays, sweetie! xoxo

  6. This one damn sui! but if you set to HDR, the photos will be even moreee stunning!
    Thanks for sharing!


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