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Japan (2013) Day 8: Goodbye Kansai Region & My Shopping Hauls

Date Visited: 18th October 2013

Every trip must comes to an end and so does this one. It's our final day here in Japan and of course, it's difficult to bid goodbye to this amazing and wonderful country - definitely one of the best countries I ever visited. Packed our luggage, check-out from the hotel and heading back to Kansai International Airport. From Kawaramachi-dori where we stayed, we hopped on Kyoto City bus to Kyoto Station and immediately from there, boarded on  Haruka Limited Express directly to the airport. The train ride takes approximately of 80 minutes.  

Last Day in Kyoto
#1: Using ICOCA & Haruka we bought on the first day arrived - Check out the post HERE

Kyoto to KIX
#2: Search result from Hyperdia

Last Day in Kansai International Airport
#3: Kansai International Airport - Best part is there is a free WiFi!

Right after we done with all the process of counter check-in and dropping our luggage, both mommy and I ventured around for food and last minute shopping. We even found our favourite eatery, Kamukura Ramen which we had earlier in Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade and we really don't mind to have them for second time cause it's absolutely delicious and affordable too. I couldn't remember whether the price is same as the one in city but even it's different, only by slightly charges. 

KIX Kamukura
#4: We ordered a set consists of shouyu ramen and donbori at Kamukura Ramen

And if you are looking for Japanese snacks and confectioneries like variety flavours of Kit Kat, popular Tokyo Banana, Royce Chocolate and etc, yes - they are available in the airport as well. Don't worry about the price cause I found out they are selling at the same price as the rest of the places. Hence, shop with peace of mind. Except for knick knacks and souvenirs such as fridge magnets, keychains, T-shirts and so on, these items are selling at more higher price.

2013 Japan (Kansai Area)10
#5: Shops and souvenirs

Malaysia Airlines - One World
#6: Our official airlines for this trip unfortunately flight to Osaka from Kota Kinabalu is now cancelled.

Malaysia Airlines - One World Departure Lounger
#7: Departure lounge - I really love to be back Kansai again

Malaysia Airlines - In Flight Meal
#8: In-flight meal - Pasta and soba

Kansai International Airport 01
#9: Definitely looking forward for another trip to Japan again

Because we flew with Malaysia Airlines which each of us has 30kg luggage allowance, hence we don't have to worry about over-limit issue. Most of the time, my bag weighted up to 20kg by end of the trip. So for this time around, what did I buy throughout my 8 days and 7 nights in Japan?

Japan Kansai (2013) - Haul 01
#10: My shopping haul - Obviously I bought more snacks and food

Japan Kansai (2013) - Haul 02
#11: Japanese cream coated biscuit sticks - My favourite one

Majority I bought from drugstores in Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade, supermarkets, convenience stores such as Lawson and 7-Eleven. But I personally think Fran taste more better than Pocky.  

Japan Kansai (2013) - Haul 03
#12: Kit Kat in Japan are really unique and has more flavours

From top left to bottom left - Hojicha Roasted Tea Flavour (Kyoto), Matcha Green Tea Flavour (Kyoto), Cinnamon Cookie Flavour (Kyoto)
From top right to bottom right - Strawberry Cheese Cake Flavour, Sakura Matcha Flavour and Strawberry Flavour. 

A standard box of Kit Kat like the three on left one are sold at the price of 840 yen each and each box has 12 small packets. Mostly can be found in drugstores, convenience stores, supermarkets as well in Kansai International Airport, like I mentioned earlier. Somehow, I wish Nestle can produce and sell in a smaller box, similar to the in Sakura Matcha Flavour cause besides being too bulky, a box contains 12 same flavour seems to be quite a lot for me.

(Check out my old post here for other flavours of Kit Kat and how it looks like for a standard box.)

Japan Kansai (2013) - Haul 04
#13: More food hauls

Japan Kansai (2013) - Haul 05
#14: Porch specially made in Japan

Japan Kansai (2013) - Haul 07
#15: Three beautiful paper files bought from Arashiyama, Hello Kitty tote bag, themed T-shirt from Osaka, shorts and long pant from Uniqlo and both blue hat and tote bag from 100 yen store in Kyoto.

Japan Kansai (2013) - Haul 08
#16: Japanese amulets for health, happiness and safety

Japan Kansai (2013) - Haul 06
#17: My shopping hauls wouldn't complete without keychain and fridge magnets collection.

Majority of the ladies went Japan to buy beauty and cosmetic products but not for me. However, most of the reviews I came across were these items are incredibly cheap in Japan. So in case anyone of you are planning to go Japan for the very first time and love make-up, perhaps you could check them out. 

With this post, it concludes the end of my Kansai Region, Japan 2013 Autumn travelogues.

Next Post >>> Accommodations in Osaka & Kyoto 


  1. Wow... u bought so many things... i still miss Kansai... wanna go there again in the future... one day..one fine day...

  2. Wish to visit Japan some day. Kit Kat!! I tried its strawberry and green tea. Still prefer the original flavour though.

  3. I love Japan!
    The one on top left and bottom left - what's the flavour?
    The one on bottom left, is it yatsuhashi?
    i've tried the matcha, strawberry cheesecake and sakura but not the other three though..

    1. The top left is Hojicha Roasted Tea Flavor whereas the bottom, you're indeed correct. It's Cinnamon cookie.

  4. Hope in future I can travel to there :D

  5. I believe the make up products are of quality if buy from Japan..still gonna enjoy the food if I were to go to Japan.

  6. You are really a good shopper and bought so much to give away.
    I guess I am also like you for having so much love for Japan. I was being told by psychics and fortune tellers on their own that my past lives were in Japan. I wonder why they had to tell me that? Ha ha

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