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Foodie Friday: DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe @ Singapore

Date Visited: 27th September 2015

Growing up with super heroes like Superman and Batman, this DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe is insanely attract me to stopover in Singapore, before flying back home from New Zealand, my recent trip. I came across this super heroes themed cafe & restaurant from one of my favourite blogs, Lady Iron Chef. Coincidentally, my sister who is currently living in Singapore shared about this too, making me so eagerly wanna go and try the first ever opened in Singapore. 

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Singapore 01
#1: Freshly opened in Marina Bay Sands, to be precised at The Shoppes 

My sister and I went as early as 11 am but only to find out, it only opens from 11.30 am onwards. Because of no point for us to wander around The Shoppes and come back again, we decided to try their dessert and ordered few drinks at the kiosk first while waiting for the themed restaurant to begin their business.   

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Singapore 02
#2: Kiosk serving desserts and beverages

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Singapore 10
#3: Delectable cakes and desserts 

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Singapore 11
#4: More close up pic

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Singapore 03
#5: Banana Choco Dome (SG$8.90)

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Singapore 04
#6: Batman's Late Night Winter Latte (SG$6.90)

While enjoying our sweet little dessert and our drinks, we realised the queue for the themed restaurant was getting longer and longer. Most of the them came with family, some even with big group until the extent of occupying two tables. Hurry up we finished the first round and joined the queue for second round. Although we're required to wait before they could completely served us, but the wait was just for few minutes. Less than 10 minutes, we're served and I can said, they were completely well-organised and the services were absolutely attentive.

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Singapore 05
#7: My sister and themed superheroes menu while waiting to be served

 DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Singapore 07
#8: Interior design of the themed restaurant

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Singapore 06
#9: Super heroes posters

Browsing through their menu, we already expected the price to be cutting our throat completely, but having to dine in fine and luxury restaurant it's only once in a blue moon for both my sister and I. Basically, DC Comics Super Heroes restaurant serves typical American fast foods such as sandwiches and burgers as well as quesdilla and pastas. Unfortunate to the Muslim friends cause this is a non-halal restaurant, although no pork is served.

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Singapore 12
#10: Aquaman's Arrabiata (SG$24.90) - Spicy tomato based pasta with fresh mixed seafood including snapper fish, scallop, prawn and squid.

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Singapore 13
#11: Suicide Squawk (SG$22.90) - Roasted half spring chicken marinated with honey thyme lemon, served with diced grilled pineapple and seasoned fries. 

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Singapore 14
#12: Superman: A Smallville Original (SG$22.90) Sesame burger bun served with chicken patty, grilled fresh pineapples, fried egg together with nachos and melted cheddar cheese.

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Singapore 15
#13: Poison Ivy Icy Matcha (SG$9.90) 

Honestly, if you are searching for the best food, probably this isn't place you are looking forward to but this is an ideal place for photo opportunities and hanging out with fellow friends and family instead. Currently, two of my younger brothers are begging me to bring them here if we happen to go Singapore again.

Besides that, they even have merchandise store next to the kiosk selling merchandise articles such as T-shirts, shoes, hats, mugs and more but obviously I didn't bother to check them out cause I already knew what's the expected price to be.

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Singapore 09
#14: Dark Knight Batman and his notable Batman car

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Singapore 08
#15: Sexy Catwoman figurine

DC Comics Super Heros Cafe
2 Bayfront Avenue,
L1-03/04/05 Bay Level
The Shoppes,
Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018972
If you are taking MRT, the nearest station is Bayfront.

 EZ Link MRT Card SIngapore Superheroes
#16: Super cute EZ Link card with The Flash


  1. Comic fans would be delighted to visit this place

  2. This place is so interesting to hang out & makan. This dish Suicide Squawk made me laugh!


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