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Summary of My 6D5N Siem Reap, Cambodia (2013) Travelogue & Travel Expenses

Here is the compilation for all the post relating to my trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia for 6 days and 5 nights. I also share on the transportation charge as it vary on each day. Besides that, by end of this post, I also share on how much I spent throughout my trip.

Day 1: 1st March 2013
Transportation charge for Day 1 is US$15, including pick up from airport to the guesthouse and also to Phnom Bakheng for sunset viewing.

First Day in Siem Reap
Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 1 - 01

Stay: Motherhome Guesthouse
Siem Reap, Cambodia 04

Day 2: 2nd March 2013
Transportation charge for Day 2 is US$30 for day touring.

Catching Sunrise at Angkor Wat
Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 2 - 01 Angkor Wat

Angkor Thom; South Gate & Bayon Temple
Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 2 - Bayon Temple 01

Ta Prohm Temple
Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 2 - Ta Prohm Temple 06

Day 3: 3rd March 2013
Apsara Dance
Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 3 - Apsara Dance 01
The cost of show is US$8 per pax (approx. to RM24) which include buffet feast and tuk-tuk pick up and drop off.

Day 4: 4th March 2013
Transportation charge for Day 4 is US$45 for day touring and journey to Tonle Sap Lake.

Angkor Grand Circuit
Day 4 Angkor Grand Circuit of Siem Reap

Tonle Lap Sake
Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 4 - Tonle Sap Lake 03
The admission fee is US$10 (approx. to RM30).

Day 5: 5th March 2013
Transportation charge for Day 5 is US$70 as these three tourist spots located far away from Siem Reap city center.

Banteay Srey, Kbal Spean & Beng Mealea
Day 5 Siem Reap

Extra Features

And the following is the details of my travel expenses that I spend for my 6 days and 5 nights trip in Siem Reap, Cambodia:
Travel Expenses for Siem Reap Cambodia
(The exchange rate by the time I changed; RM3:USD$1)

  1. Baggage allowance for my flight KL-Siem Reap-KL and shared among my friends.
  2. Stayed for 5 nights throughout the trip, which including the breakfast as well.
  3. Rate for a day is charge differently - depending on the itinerary. The tour normally start at 8am and end at roughly around 7-8pm. Throughout our trip, we engaged the local driver from our guest house and they provided us with a mini van which  can accommodate up to 8 people. The fee charged including the fuel and driver fee. As we engaged their service for 3 days, we were given free pick up and drop off to airport.  
  4. For more of the temple pass, read more HERE.

Siem Reap - 01 Souvenir Haul
#Souvenir haul
  • Fridge magnets, keychain
  • T-shirt - US$3
  • Photo frame - US$6
  • Silk shawl - US$2
  • Silk cushion covers - US$4 for a pair
  • Ancient Angkor book - US$5

Siem Reap - 02 Food Haul
#Food haul


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      3. the hotel is huge and cheap! and the total budget also just over rm1k. perhaps the airticket makes lots of difference..

      4. This was very informative and helpful. I will definitely consider the options you’ve suggested. Cambodia is just teeming with culture and I can’t wait to go there to soak it all in. Thanks for the post, its great!


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