Friday, February 6, 2015

DINTAGE handycraft

Something personal...

Because I'm not going anywhere within this nearer period, I did something which I'm passion about currently - making handmade greeting cards. 

 #1: Sesame Street Inspired Birthday Card 

Oh well! It's not like out of the middle of nowhere I'm currently addicted to those crafts and arts activities but it's actually been quite a while I did these crafty things since I was in secondary school. I used to make and sell handmade cards and bookmarks back in school then to earn extra money as both of my parents didn't allow me to work part-time in a fast food chain restaurants. Plus, getting those materials, tools and items of making those crafty things during that particular moment was relatively cheap and convenient to start a lil small business comparing the rest, right? 

But then, I stopped doing all these right after I went into college in Kuala Lumpur as I didn't bring along all those crafty stuffs with me, not until recently the sudden come-back feeling of making these handicraft cards making me more so addicted to it that I can sit down and create at least two different designs every single night and sometimes, I could eventually made until 1 or 2 in the morning.

#2: DINTAGE handycraft logo 

Just like any garments, shoes, handbags and so on, I did label my handicraft stuffs too and previously it was labelled under the name of DT Paper Art but soon I realised it was so boring and dull with the DT here, DT there and therefore, I came out with another new label, DINTAGE handycraft. It was actually derived from the word "VINTAGE" but I changed to D and what does DINTAGE stands for actually? Honestly to say, I have no idea of that as long I could still retain the letter of D and T, my notable initial.

Here are some of my creation which I did for the last two months and of course, if anyone of you are interested of buying them, just drop me an email at

#3: My first attempt of making handmade Christmas cards and when I showed them to my brother, he asked why I bought a lot. 

#4: Handmade Birthday Cards Version 2.0
Made these before went for 18 hours road trip to Brunei and Miri last month so that I could give to my friend

 #5: Handmade Birthday Cards Version 3.0

 #6: Oh Mickey,
You're so fine, you're so fine, you blow my mind,
Hey Mickey, hey Mickey! 

#7: My latest creation - Handmade CNY cards

It's my first attempt and initially I thought it will be very hard to design one but who knows, I came out with not one or two but three different designs. I even told my mom not to buy any CNY cards anymore next year for my grandparents and relatives as I can make for her.

#8: My handicraft tools and equipments - Some I have keep for more than 10 years especially the craft punches 

#9: My shopping hauls - Crafts and stationery
Most of the times I got my stuff from Daiso, Kaison and stationery shops

And that's explain a lot why I don't update any of my travelogues lately. But no worries, as I will update my blog once my addiction is over which I'm not sure when will that be anyway. 

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  1. All of your handmade cards are so nice, you are so talent.

    Besides Daiso, Kaison and stationery shops, you can go to Mr.DIY in 1 Borneo to search for more DIY stuff and the price at there more cheaper :)

  2. Hello D! Creativenya u..... Now i know u have passion for crafts... The mickey card is super cute!

  3. wow...very professionally made. I would ask too where you "buy" it coz it have a lovely personal touch

  4. The receiver must be very happy when they saw your handmade card!
    PS: Goodies received yesterday, thanks and muaks!

  5. Hi Diana! It's Farrah from Crafts Belvedere. Thanks for visiting my blog. You are very creative and talented! I love your Sesame Street Card (especially the cookie monster) and your CNY cards are much much prettier than the cards being sold in the market :)

  6. Whoaaaa! You are so creative and talented! I am truly impressed with your vibrant designs. Why didn't you send me a CNY card?? Sobs! Sobs!


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