Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top Commentators Giveaways for Year 2014

Another year, another giveaways for my blog readers who leave the most comments in my blog. As you can see that my blogposts are getting lesser and lesser as year goes by but I'm really thankful to all my blog readers for the continuous support and thoughtful comments throughout my blogging years.

Without waiting any longer, let me announce the top 3 Commentators for the Year 2014;

Oh wait! This year my blog has two readers with the same number of comments which I totally didn't expect of and they are:
Top 3 Commentators for Year 2014 - 2nd Winner Guys

Top 3 Commentators for Year 2014 - 2nd Winner Lady
For J-Mei from Interesting Corner of Me - with 40 comments  

The prize consists of:
  •  Shawl from China
  • Luggage tag and drawstring pouch from Thailand
  • Handphone ornament and hand cream South Korea
  • Keychain from Australia
  • Fridge magnet from Myanmar 
  • Plus some mystery gifts 

And the winner for the year 2014 goes to:
Small Kucing & Mamarazzi from - with 61 comments out from 69 blogposts. 
For your information, not just they are the Top 3 Commentators of my blog for three consecutive years but Small Kucing & Mamarazzi are also the last year winner.

Top 3 Commentators for Year 2014 - 1st Winner
  • Shawl from Nepal
  • M&M Tumbler from Shanghai, China
  • Pencil box and hand cream from South Korea
  • Beaded pouch from Myanmar
  • Passport cover and luggage tag from Thailand
  • Fridge magnet from Australia 

But hold on! This year giveaways not just mainly for the Top 3 only but I added another five giveaways for the remaining top commentators as a small token of appreciation.  
  1. Jeff Chuah from Jeff's Travel - 38 comments
  2. Time Traveller from Travel My Way - 26 comments
  3. Shirley Tay from Luxury Haven - 22 comments
  4. Cubie from The Cube - 22 comments
  5. Ng Choi Yen from Mimi's Dining Room - 18 comments 
Consolation Prizes 2014
 The giveaways are randomly selected for the above 5 readers

So for the eight readers mentioned as above, kindly please comment below as acknowledgement. Plus, don't forget to leave your name, mailing address and contact number to my email: within 14 days from the date of this blogpost. In case no response were given within the timeframe given, new winner will be selected.
[NOTE: Delivery is via normal airmail. I'll will not bear the responsible for any lost in transit.]

Once again, this is my final and last post of my blog for the year 2014 and I'm looking forward for more lovely comments and lovely notes as they mean so much to my blog. At the same, I'm really trying hard to complete my 2013 and 2014 travelogues which like never ending one. 

Before I wrap up everything, hereby I wish each and every of readers of mine 



  1. The prizes are all cute! Congrats to the winner :D

  2. Hello Diana, thank you and happy new year! May the new year brings good tidings and many exciting travels ^^

  3. So generous of you, nice gifts you got for the commentators, happy new year!

  4. I like the souvenirs that bought by you. Thanks a lot :)

  5. Hi Diana.

    Happy New Year!

    Thanks for dropping comment. Didnt blog hop last month LOL

    Have sent you an email

    Thanks :)

  6. Thank you Diana & Happy New Year 2015!

  7. Oh dear I saw my name with only 10 comments!!! No wonder no prize for me. Sobs! Sobs!

    ........*walking away with my head down*........


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