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Island Hopping at Mamutik Island

Mainly because my late grandfather was a fisherman and my dad spent the most of his teenager life living nearby the sea, therefore my dad always loves to spend his weekend by going to the islands or even fishing in the middle of huge and rough sea. Frankly speaking, I dislike the latter activity but I don't mind going for island hopping once in a blue moon with my dad and family.

The nearest islands that we could go for hopping would be Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park and this marine park consists of five beautiful and charming islands - Pulau Gaya, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Sulug. From the five islands, I've been all except for Pulau Sulug which is the farthest island compare the rest. It is considered relatively remote and undeveloped, hence not being well-known if comparing the first four islands. Maybe someday when I able to persuade my dad.

And so lately, everytime we had visit from our valuable guests, either our relatives or even friends, one of the staple itinerary would be the island hopping and most of the time, my dad would prefer Mamutik Island.

Mamutik Island 01
#1: Mamutik's jetty

Among the five islands, Mamutik Island is the smallest one. Despite the size, this tropical island host beach activities as well as water sport activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, diving and more. If comparing the rest, I think this is the best spot for snorkelling cause there are variety of colouful fishes and interesting sea creatures that you can find underneath it.

Mamutik Island 02

Mamutik Island 03
#3: Welcome to Mamutik Island signboard

In Mamutik Island, basic facilities are provided such as toilets, changing rooms, tables, picnic shelters and barbeque pits. As there is no restaurant or cafe available here, it is advisable to bring along your own foods and drinks. If you are interested for overnight trip, there is 3 bedroom resthouse available for rent.

Mamutik Island 04
#4: Beautiful blue sky with crystal clear water

Mamutik Island 05
#5:Snorkelling is one of the water sport activities must do in Mamutik Island

Despite the unpredictable weather, we're lucky that the weather on that particular day was on our side. Hence, this is an ideal time for swimming, snorkelling, diving and even sunbathing, which apparently I did see that most of the tourists were doing so. As Mamutik Island is getting well-known and popular among foreign tourists currently, be prepared that it will be overcrowded especially during weekend.

 Mamutik Island 07
#6: My friends and I did kayaking as well 

Mamutik Island 06
#7: View of Mamutik Island from the jetty 

Mamutik Island 08
#8: Barbeque chicken wings and fishballs by my dad

One thing that I love to go island hopping with my family was both of my parents would definitely prepare such a scrumptious and delicious foods for all of us. Mommy will cook fried noodles or fried rice and daddy will bring along his barbeque facilities to barbeque chicken wings, fishes, prawns, fishballs and more. My dad even being approached by some random China tourists asking my dad how much were the chicken wings cost. That's the most hilarious part! Now I can't wait for another sun-drenched paradise trip with my family.

How To Get To Mamutik Island
The departure and arrival point for the boat transfers is at the Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal - See more at:
For the boat transfer in economical way, the departure and arrival point would be at Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal and these are available from 7:30am to 5:00pm daily. 
Depends on how many island you plan to visit, the boat transfer would be varied. The following list is the boat transfer fares to the islands:
Tunku Abdul Rahman Island Boat Transfer Fare

Visitors are also required to pay additional charge for terminal fee [RM7.20 (adult) and RM3.60 (children under 12 years old] as well as the admission fee of RM3.00 for the local and RM10.00 for the foreigner.

And by the way, do you know how Mamutik Island looks like from the aerial view? This is one lucky shot I managed to snap when I flew with Fireflies to Kuala Lumpur few years back:

Aerial View of Kota Kinabalu 05
The top left that look alike a heart shape is Mamutik Island whereas the top right is Sulug Island and the one on the bottom is Manukan Island. Check out my old post on Aerial View of Kota Kinabalu.

This post is mainly to support Visit Malaysia Year 2014. #vmy2014

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The departure and arrival point for the boat transfers is at the Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal - See more at:


  1. I was just thinking, "Delicious looking chicken wings!"
    and..such happy smiley face islands

  2. Very beautiful photos u have here, D! Very nice.. the next time i come to KK, will try out snorkelling at this park. Anyway, i just got back from a snorkeling trip too, in Tioman... Now like becoming addicted plak..ha..ha.. snorkelling is fun! A friend of mine asks me to join diving but i still do not have the guts to do so... Snorkelling pon sempot, mau try diving...haha!!!

  3. Yup...many places in Malaysia is beautiful

  4. The sky seems gloomy that day, but it's a good weather for travelling since it won't be too hot. Nice shots!

  5. Really nice photos! My grandparents were fishermen as well and they still live on an island so we can always have a day off in their house!

  6. In May, my friend also wish to Pulau Sulug but being informed that at there nothing to see like you said undeveloped so she did not go for it.


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