Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sharing Saturday: 4 Different Seasons

4 Different Seasons
Experienced 4 different seasons; Spring in Melbourne (Australia), Summer all day long in Phuket (Thailand), Autumn in Berlin (Germany) and Winter in Launterbrunnen (Switzerland). My favourite would be Spring and Autumn. Mainly because I love to see places manicured with myriad of colourful and vibrant blooming flowers and also mixture colours of the autumn foliage. Another reason I love spring cause literally my Chinese name means spring. How about you? Which is your favourite and why?

P/S: Again, I'm away at this moment for another Cuti-Cuti Malaysia. Being invited to a state that I'm waiting for so long. Finally, complete one of my wishlist which is to visit all the 13 states of Malaysia.

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  1. Interesting, great idea.


  2. i would love the winter in switzerland~

  3. Great! Love this kind of posts because you end up knowing more people and find out great inspiration!   Online Travel Agencies

  4. My favourite is winter because I've never experienced it. Hahaa. Kesian kans. Hope to feel snow and throw them at people :D

    Happy Monday, Diana!

  5. can't wait for your travelogue on Kota Bharu...gonna visit Kelantan some day...

  6. Eeee... like that Malaysia forever summer also ler :P
    I've only done Summer and Autumn, Spring and Winter akan datang (hopefully) :)


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