Friday, July 5, 2013

MATTA Fair Sabah 2013

One of the event that I won't miss out if I am around Sabah - non other than MATTA Fair, the no.1 travel and tourism fair in Malaysia. I went two years ago (click HERE) but as for last year, I didn't went because I was away for my trip. Fret not, cause MATTA Fair is happened annually and this year, it happened again for three days this year, starting from 5th of July until 7th of July at Suria Sabah.

MATTA Fair Sabah 2013 01
#1: Most of the booths are located on basement floor

I can see this year MATTA Fair Sabah is mostly dominated by Malaysia Airlines. But as for AirAsia, Royal Brunei or even Malindo Air, I didn't spotted any of them this year. Wondering why?

MATTA Fair Sabah 2013 02
#2: Impressive exhibition booth of the world class airline located at the ground floor

If you need advise, tips and guides, there are few booths of these tourim organisation to help in answering all your doubts and queries.

MATTA Fair Sabah 2013 03
#3: Taiwan Tourism Organisation

MATTA Fair Sabah 2013 04
#4: Korea Tourism Organsation

MATTA Fair Sabah 2013 05
#5: Macau Tourism Organisation

MATTA Fair Sabah 2013 06
#6: Wonderful Indonesia

Besides that, this year exhibition booth for cruises are getting more and more compare to last few years. Mainly because the well-known cruise operator, Genting Hong Kong's Star Cruises will soon to homeport in Kota Kinabalu in this coming November.
 MATTA Fair Sabah 2013 07
#7: Genting Hong Kong's Star Cruises

MATTA Fair Sabah 2013 08
#8: Trafalgar Cruise

Besides cruises line, I also noticed that Muslim Packages in this fair are getting popular and offered by most of the travel agencies.

MATTA Fair Sabah 2013 09
#9: Affordable and friendly Muslim Package

MATTA Fair Sabah 2013 10
#10: Tabung Haji Travel Service - Never knew about this until now

Oriental countries like Taiwan, Japan, China, Hong Kong & Korea seems to be the most popular and almost everyone favourite travel packages like every other years. Whereas Indochina countries like Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar seems to be limited of choices. Eventhough most of the offers were focus on outbound packages especially, there are few inbound available but not as much choices compare to the outbound packages. 

MATTA Fair Sabah 2013 11
#11: Borneo Rainforest Lodge - Adventure to Danum Valley

MATTA Fair Sabah 2013 12
#12: Borneo Paradise Holidays for Borneo Hospitality

To be frank, I kinda prefer the one that held in Kuala Lumpur cause there are more booth especially on the  tourism board such as Japan and Thailand and even on the Korea Tourism Organisation booth itself, I tends to get more information, tips and guidance from them. My experience on MATTA Fair KL 2011 - click HERE.

So for all KKians, what are you waiting for? Head over to Suria Sabah within this weekend to search for your perfect and ideal getaway that comes in a great and best travel deals during this MATTA Fair.


  1. Alamak,ruginya saya x pergi matta fair tu!huhuhu

  2. Quite a few years didn't visit MATTA Fair because no travel plan for this moment :(

  3. me also long time never went for Matta fair.


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