Monday, March 11, 2013

My Birthday Celebration 2013

A lil bitsy piece of my personal post but still, it still relate to my travelling life (for some).

Whether the celebration was celebrated with full of blast or even a happening and lively celebration, it doesn't matter to me cause I felt more grateful and blissful surrounding by my beloved family and friends for the past few days before and also during my birthday itself.

But among all my birthday celebration for this year, the most unforgettable was my early celebration in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Seriously, I never thought that my collegemates will eventually went and look for birthday cake with the help of our driver without my acknowledgement. And when I posted the photo below in Facebook, they told me how difficult to buy the cake and at the same time, trying hard to hide the cake so I won't found out. It's indeed so touching but at the same time, I laughed non-stop for their silly actions.
2013 Cambodia, Siem Reap 08
#1: Thank you so much my friends and looking forward for our next trip.

Birthday 2013 @ The Glass Grill & Bar
#2: Dinner treat at the newly opened The Glass Grill & Bar by my crazy besties

My dearest crazy bestie will never miss out to celebrate this meaningful day with me almost every year. It's kinda hard for us to catch up with each other nowadays due to our busy schedule especially myself, who always busy with globetrotting here and there but I glad that night, we laughed and talked like no other business.

Birthday 2013 @ Supertanker KK Restaurant
#3: Dinner treat by my daddy in MK Supertanker on the night before my birthday
[Pic: Source from Google]

Birthday 2013 @ Japanese Dream House Restaurant
#4: Brunch with my family in Japanese Dream House Restaurant on the day itself

I guess celebration with my family is exactly the same like every other year, filled with foods. This year my family celebrated my birthday a night earlier cause my dad is going outstation on my birthday itself. Plus, my aunt from Kuching was also around KK for business trip that. Thus, we went to my family favorite restaurant at MK Supertanker Restaurant. This restaurant is quite famous and almost full house every night. Thank goodness my mom managed to reserve in advance, or else it will be a long queue.

Birthday 2013 @ Travel Fashionista
#5: Travel Fashionista on Birthday Night
Blue tops & pink handbag from Bangkok, skirt & choker necklace from Singapore and earrings from South Korea.

Last but not least, a celebration with dearest Boyfie is what I'm looking forward. For this year itself, seriously I ran out of idea where to have our dinner. Just had Japanese cuisine for the past few days and for sure, I banned fast food as my birthday treat. Ended up, we went Secret Recipe which also we celebrated there back in 2 years.
Birthday 2013 @ Secret Recipe
#6: Birthday dinner in Secret Recipe, Suria Sabah

As for the surprised gift from Boyfie, since I had received a bouquet of lilies from him last year, I told him not to waste money from buying flowers again as it doesn't last long. Received once is seriously enough for me. He even plan to buy me a camera, Samsung Galaxy Camera cause I did told him few times that I wanna have that but at the end, I declined cause I just had Sony Nex 5N as my new toy last year August. So at the end, he made me this:

Birthday 2013 @ Origami Blue Bear by Boyfie
#7: A blue origami bear which he made by himself for almost 2 days. ♥♥♥
Blue is my favourite colour and he know I used to like teddy bear.

I realised sometimes we don't have to value our gift in monetary terms but this one specially handmade by him is something that money can't determine at all. This is what I call "PRICELESS GIFT". 

Once again before I end this post, I would like to thanks everyone for the wonderful & lovely birthday wishes. Yesterday was the one and only day of the year where my Facebook, Twitter, Whataaps, SMS even Instagram was showered with the tons of best birthday wishes from you guys. Thanks to all of these bloggers too; Wern Hong, Lily Riani, Dan Arif, Helmi Yusof, Ren/Janggel, Fienuts, Hilda Milda Teo, Charmaine Pua Li Ping, Adam Eben, Aemy Nadira, Caroline Ng May Ling, Sherrie Pui, Daniel Chiam, Nathalie Blue, Wendy Wong, Rayyan Haries, Jeff Chuah, Eudora Priscilla, Fish Szehui, Ivan Chan and many more. (For those who I miss out, I am so sorry cause there are more than 200 birthday wishes I didn't managed to see at all). Till then, may all the wishes and blessings fall upon you guys too. Have an awesome day! Oh ya! I just found out that 10th March is "The International Day of Awesomeness!" What's a coincidence.


  1. Wow, so much yummy foods! And your boyfriend is so thoughtful! Anyway, happy belated birthday :)

  2. Oh my..the food! So tempting.. Happy birthday Diana :)
    You are so blessed :)

  3. Happy buffday to u! Owhhh.. so sweet of him! :D

  4. happy bday diana :) such a cute thought of boyfie, making the origami on his own :D

  5. cool birthday gift, an origami teddy! great to see you have a blast on your birthday.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday...Very sweet of your Boffie to make the blue owl for you...must have lost a few nights sleep. Looks tricky to make

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Diana & I like your choker necklace :)

  8. I know it is a little bit too late. But still, I wish to wish you happy birthday. Happy Birthday to you!

  9. Sorry to be late for your special day! Happy belated bday & may your wishes come true. Lucky u, that origami bear is real cute!


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