Friday, January 11, 2013

Foodie Friday: Jal Meokkesseumnida in South Korea

I was thinking since I did a food post for my Japan Trip (Itadakimasu in Japan), why don't I do the same thing for my South Korea trip too? Fyi, "Jal Meokkesseumnida" means "Bon Appetit" in Korean language but this is refer before having a meal whereas for after having a meal, the correct phrase is "jal meogeosseumnida".

Frankly speaking, I am not a big fan of Korean foods. I had Japanese cuisines more than Korean cuisines cause it's not my liking. Guess I had Korean cuisines less than 5 times, and one of it was a treat by Nath Singing Coconut. When I was about to go South Korea, I was indeed slightly that I might starve myself but when in one's country, we should at least try to attempt their food, right?

Now, let's enjoy the food I had when I went Seoul & Jeju Island of South Korea back in 2 years ago. Some were authentic Korean cuisines, some were not:

Myeongdong 12
#1: Seong Kee
Some sort of flat but long noodles cooked with soya sauce and filled with lots of chicken, veggies and huge potatoes. It tastes a bit spicy but we absolutely like this and we had two huge plates of this. Thanks to Kyung Hee (my Korean friend which we met during our Europe trip) for introduced this. I'm not sure the exact location of this shop but it's located in Myeongdong.

Dongdaemun 08
#2: Hot & spicy stir fried rice cakes
One of the Korean most popular authentic snacks. I did tried once when my housemate cooked for me before, but nothing beat the best when you try it yourself in South Korea. You can find find this almost anywhere in Seoul and it served the best while it still hot. You can mix it with some crispy fried seafood snacks and for sure, you wanna have another bowl again. We had this in Dongdaemun.

South Korea Foods 03 - Bibimbap in Nami Island
#3: Bibimbap we had in Nami Island

Bibimbap @ Jeju Island
#4: Bibimbap in Jeju Island

South Korea Foods 02 - Pancake Korean
#5: Korean pancake from Nami Island too

Myeongdong After Dark 07
#6: Shanghai Chicken Burger
McD is somehow become my staple diet everytime I on a trip. I won't had it everyday but at least once, for every of my trip. Now, I'm in the process of compiling all my McD's photos I had and wait for that post.

Namdaemun 07
#7: Holly's Coffee in Namdaemun
Literally, there are thousands of coffee shops in Seoul. So if you are coffee lover, you don't have to worry for your coffee crave. Therefore, forget about Starbucks or even Coffee Bean and why don't try other kind of coffee shops that we can't find in Malaysia. Holly's Coffee is one of them and looking for more, check out Kaki Berangan's blog on Coffee Shops Edition (in Malay version). 

Teddy Bear Museum @ Jeju-do 19
#8: Lotteria Shrimp Burger
Lotteria is a chain of fast food restaurant that founded in Japan but more well-known in South Korea and their Shrimp Burger is one of the highly recommended burger that you should try.

Jeju Island - Foods
#9: Energy drink in orange flavour and different kind of onigiri
I had both of these almost everyday cause walking a lot, therefore need the energy drink whereas for the onigiri, gosh! How could I ever forget the most delicious and flavourable I ever had? Plus, it comes with many kind of flavour and absolutely cheap too. No harm on my wallet.  

Last Day in South Korea - Breakfast
#10: Corn Mayo Sandwich and Starbucks Chocolate Mocha 
Bought from Family Mart, Jeju Island as my breakfast. Simply delicious and great way to start my day.

Last Day in South Korea 07 - Budae Jjigae
#11: Budae Jjigae
A thick soup that mixed with modern ingredients such as instant ramen noodles, sliced sausages, canned ham, spam, sliced of American cheese, garlic, onion, kimchi together with traditional spicy soup flavoured with red chilli paste. Again, this was introduced by Kyung Hee too and I am craving for this right now. Absolutely perfect to my liking - spicy foods is what I am looking for. This shop is located in Myeongdong too but I can't recognise the exact location.

Last Day in South Korea 06 - Cold Stone Creamery
#12: Cold Stone Creamery ice-cream
A dessert moment after done with my final shopping in Myeongdong. This American-based ice-cream parlor chain only available in some countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. Therefore if you have the chance to stumble upon this, do try it. 

Well, Korean foods weren't bad afterall? But still, Korean foods in Malaysia is still out of my list. Sorry for those who are Korean foods lovers!


  1. Looking at these food photos make me go hungry, especially for Korean cuisine!

  2. MMmm......not really a fan of korean food but your photos really tempting me

  3. Yummy Korean & Bibimbap is my favorite. Didn't get a chance to eat Bibimbap while in Korea as all the B,L&D are arranged by the tour operator during our company incentive trip and probably don't even know the name just whack. The hot & spicy stir fried rice cakes looking good.

  4. it is very nice..
    My wife will love it .. coz she likes those spicy food..


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