Sunday, February 19, 2012

Winner of Travel Haul Give-Away

First and foremost, thanks to my readers who participated in this give-away contest and I am really delightful and glad to receive different kind of feedback/opinions/thoughts towards my blog - "Travel & Living Journal of DT".

So, are you ready to know who is the winner that will receive these 3 special items from my travel haul?

  • 2012 Calender from Phuket, Thailand
  • Pencil case from Seoul, South Korea
  • Keychain from Singapore

    Congratulation to Henry Tan from My Blog, My Way
You won yourself the above travel haul and kindly please don't forget, to leave your name, mailing address and handphone number to my email: in order for to courier the gift to your doorstep by tomorrow.

Well for the rest; Sherrie Pui, Charmaine Pua, Jessy and Aikoakito, thanks so much for the taking part in joining this contest and don't feel upset. I might doing give-away contest in coming future and you could try your luck again! Hugs and kisses to you all.

UPDATED ON 21.02.2012:

Henry Tan received his gift 2 days after this announcement had made and he did a post regarding this too. Do check out his blog - My Blog, My Way: Gift from DT! =D


  1. thank you thank you! thanks everyone! =D

  2. I worry I will win that bah.. so didn't join.. but enjoy reading their comment.. Ok, now my time then.. :p..

    Travel & Living Journal of DT is a place where everyone would get jealous so much seeing the writer were actually have 'BEEN THERE' in all that place she mention while other people were carving on going there.. :p..

    Well, 1 of most inspiring blog which make everyone wanna go OVERSEA like seriously.. Ok, U still owe me the detail of phuket trip.. :p..

  3. Congrats to the winner :) The fun of joining is what counts, and the 'cyber-munication' too :P Keep up with the writing momentum! :D

  4. I'm happy for you Henry! I'm cool Diana! I won something from you last round. =P

  5. wah..i missed this one.. :)
    Congrats to the winner. Btw, tq for visiting my blog :)

  6. Congrats to all winners! Diane, u're just awesome!

  7. Wow! Cool! Henry the winner ya. Haha. Hope next time I have the chance to join this kind of contest.


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