Friday, February 17, 2012

Foodie Friday: Sakae Sushi, KL Festival City

My final gathering with my friends in KL end by having sushi for dinner. Initially my friend was about to send me back home but I suggested how about having dinner at the newly shopping mall located in Setapak, KL Festival City. Since it was newly opened, I guess there must be lots of promotion going on around KL Festival City.

There are many eateries such as Nando's, Little Taiwan, Kenny Rogers but all my mind can think of was Sakae Sushi. Saw few outlets including The Curve but never try even once. Hence, I told my friend I must like try at least once since KK doesn't has any Sakae Sushi outlet.

Sakae Sushi, Festival Mall 01
It was a long queue before we manage to get a comfort and pleasure seat.

Sakae Sushi, Festival Mall 02
Like I mentioned, tons of promotion going on.

Sakae Sushi, Festival Mall 03
Unlike most typical restaurant, Sakae Sushi doing it differently. Instead of the menu is printed on book, their menu is displayed on monitor and all we need to do is touch on the screen in order to order the foods. It was my first time seeing this kind of ordering system and frankly speaking, it really did amazed me.

So, here's our meal by just clicking the screen:

Sakae Sushi, Festival Mall 04
Teriyaki Chicken Don. The chicken was so juicy and tender.

Sakae Sushi, Festival Mall 05

Sakae Sushi, Festival Mall 06
Inari Potato Salad
This is my favourite and I have 2 plates by myself. Now I am craving for that but too bad, none of KK Japanese Restaurant served this.

Sakae Sushi, Festival Mall 07
Soft Shell Crab Crepe

Sakae Sushi, Festival Mall 08
Thanks to my friend, SooPor (the guy on the left-hand side) for the treat and Eunice too, for accompany me whole day! I kinda miss both of you now!

Sakae Sushi - KL Festival City

F12, First Floor, KL Festival City
No.67, Jalan Taman Ibu Kota
Taman Danau Kota
53300 Setapak, Kuala Lumpur


  1. I thought I saw "So Po" instead of SooPor. :D


  2. u in kl now? try pasta zenmai or sushi zenmai

  3. Drooling at the Chawan Mushi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Never tried sakae sushi HAHA cause I heard quite a few bad reviews about them. So I'm always sticking to Sushi Zanmai :P

  5. Hahahahaha I am a Sakae fan... Glad that you like it too ^^



  6. Hey thanks for visiting my blog. Found yours really interesting, plus you had been to so many places. I just started my travelling craze and had to tone down because I am still in university. Traveled mostly on my own expense and considering the time limit, it was not that easy. Followed your blog for future references, hope you can follow mine too!

  7. orr.. KL Festival also I don't know where oh.. :D.. ha ha ha..

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  9. such a nice fabulous meal with Sakae


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