Saturday, November 5, 2011

Maiden Premiere Screening from Nuffnang

Do you still remember my post of an adventure with my lil puppy - Adventure with My Lil' Guci?

Out of my expectation, I won a pair of tickets for the exclusive screening of "The Adventure of Tin Tin" .mrgreen

This is my maiden premiere screening by Nuffnang. Thanks so much!

What a surprised before I am going back hometown next week! Initially, I thought I might not able to get this exclusive premiere because there were lots of other bloggers who also participate in joining this contest. But who knows when I'm checking my email and saw an email from Nuffnang saying that I won the tickets, oh my! Almost got in tears.

I love to watch movie at the cinema so much and this really makes my day! Thanks to my housemate too for accompany to watch this movie. By the way, we got to watch this movie earlier (including the other bloggers who won the tickets) than anyone else because the exact date of the screening is on 10 of November 2011. Yipee!! Somemore in 3D!

Before I end this, I would like to say again "THANKS SO MUCH, NUFFNANG!". Hopefully I can win another pair of movie ticket again. biggrin

P/S: No review because I sucks in doing so. What I can said was although it is in 3D animation, but it looks like a real life adventure and action. Worth to watch! And I can't take off my eyes on the Snowy, Tin Tin's cute little dog.

Note: I might not able to update so frequently for this short period! No, not because I am going travelling soon, but I am busy in preparing for my external papers exam currently. Less than 1 more to go for my exam


  1. JIA YOU in your exam!!

    What a luck you got eh!!


  2. Congrats and best of luck in your exam

  3. too bad im not around to watch :(
    anyway, all the best!

  4. What a great experience and wonderful it sounds with nuffnang,

  5. @CathJ - Thanks!

    @Meitzeu - I also try try only. Never thought I really got the invitation :D

    @Miss. Tina - Thanks so much and I'll try my best!

  6. @ken - Yeah lol! If not, I can meet the almighty Kenwooi xP

    @Nava-k - This is my first time experience. But I am going back Sabah soon, not sure whether I got any chance or not next time :S

  7. Best of luck for your exams and we will catch up once you are done with it.

  8. All the best in your exam! May u score with flying colours!!

  9. Aiks...u were there? didn't see u...haha

    anyway good luck for ur exams

  10. Congrats for winning the tickets, Miss DDT...


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