Friday, November 11, 2011

Foodie Friday: Snowflake, Mid Valley

Snowflake, Mid Valley 01
Beep, beep! Calling all aliens!

Never thought Taiwan's foods has hit Malaysia like a storm especially their bubble milk tea and soya-based ice desserts. Everyone seems like addicted to them and it is something not to miss out when visiting KL.

A few weeks before going back to KK, my university close friend decided to "meat" up after hadn't seen each others since ever our university graduation. (I found this interesting new word "meat" from my previous college lecturer where it stands for meet + eat = meat. It is really out of expectation that this word will eventually thought by a lecturer.) We decided to meet up at Mid Valley and after filled our tummy with Japanese ramen for our lunch, we can't wait any longer to have the Taiwanese dessert - Snowflake.

Snowflake, Mid Valley 02
What a long queue and that's means their business is absolutely profitable. Unfortunately, they have met the quota and will not accepting any new application for the franchise.

Since I tried its Best Seller before, so I decided to try the "Grass Jelly Series" and I opt for red beans, pearls and taro for the toppings.
Snowflake, Mid Valley 04
A bowl of refreshing and rejuvenating dessert to cool down your heat body on a hot weather.

Snowflake, Mid Valley 05
Can you imagine that people willing to wait for more than 10 minutes just to have this bowl of dessert? It is so tempting!

Oh! Before I forgot, today is special day - 11.11.2011. Anyone celebrate this special day?


  1. I love snowflakes too!!! Haha but I seldom go... can't even remember what I ordered there last time xD

  2. ai,si Aki duduk2 di midvalley pun tia tau ini di mana oh.. nasib sa kenal tu bg.. ha ha ha... nnti pigi cubalah..

  3. Snowflake, definitely will have it at least once a week. Too addictive, my faveeee! :D

  4. U're absolutely right. Perfect for a hot day :) U're making me drool, my dear!

  5. snowflakes is my all time favourite! :D love it so much, but nowadays QQsnow mix is its closest competitor already :(

  6. Snowflake! But I don't see any any snowy flaky stuff hehee.

    And it is tempting actually.

    Wow not accepting new application to use the franchise ka. Good business o.

    Happy Saturday DDT!


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