Saturday, October 8, 2011

Groupon Is Coming...

Finally, what I wish for will be turns into reality soon.

I ever talked about these in here:

"I think it is so fortunate for those who lived in around Peninsular Malaysia with all these online great deals where they offers varieties of discount vouchers, coupons and promotions around Peninsular Malaysia only. I hope they can expand to East Malaysia so more Malaysians can enjoy these great deals and offers."

And now, I am so hype to the max when I saw this:

Groupon in Sabah

It's been part of my daily routines to check out those great deals everyday via my e-mail. At first, I thought I will never got those great deals anymore since I am going back to KK soon but thanks God, they really do give me a huge surprise.

Hopefully they will provide and give more great and awesome deals especially on:

  • Foods and cuisine - Can't deny that they really give a very good deals for this part.
  • Tours and accommodation.
  • Cinema movie tickets
  • No idea at this moment because keep thinking when will they officially open in Sabah :P (Any idea for those in Sabah?)

Not only Sabahan will enjoy this, but to those in Sarawak too :D

Groupon in Sarawak

Pray hard that the deals they will be offering soon will be what I'm looking forward to. Hopefully.

Sources from here and here.


  1. beside groupon there are others coupon site same as this..
    i usually used it for lepak2 during weekend..

  2. Finally groupon spreading their deals throughout Sabah & Sarawak. Good for food lover and shopaholic to grab the best rate.

  3. Haha. It's really good news for Sabah and Sarawak's citizens. Since I started bought vouchers from group purchase websites, I now enjoy doing it. I check the deal from a number of group purchase website everyday now. Hehe.

  4. shah - There are few that I know are only available around Peninsular Malaysia and not available for Sabah & Sarawak.

    Miss. Tina - It is great news for those at Sabah & Sarawak. I can't wait for Groupon to officially announce that.

    LuPorTi - Yes, it is. I also do enjoy purchase some of the great deals but I might going back soon to Sabah.

  5. yay! Then we can use groupon to visit each other! XD


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