Friday, October 21, 2011

Foodie Friday: Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley

A week after I came back from South Korea, my bestie decided to meet up for a movie. Movie is my favourite outing and I will never reject wherever I get the invitation but for karaoke session, I might reconsider thousand times. While waiting for the rest to finish their work, my bestie suggest, "How about Korean food for dinner?". Since ever I came back from South Korea, I received more than three invitations to have Korean food but honestly speaking, I not really into Korean foods at all. I prefer more on Japanese cuisine.

Therefore I suggest my bestie, "Let's try Pasta Zanmai". The location of this restaurant is not easily being spotted but if you know where is the location of Madam Kwan in Mid Valley, it just located next to it.

Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley 01
2 types of menu; Yellow for dishes whereas red for beverages and desserts.

Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley 02
Cozy and spacious restaurant. Have you ever try eating paste using chopsticks?

From the name, no doubt it serve combination of Japanese foods and Italian pasta. Creative and unique restaurant which I never came across. Browse through their menu and there are so many choices to choose from. Finally, both of us had made up my mind and these are what we ordered:

Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley 03
Teriyaki Chicken Pasta - This is our favourite.

Mix the half-boiled egg with the pasta and you are ready to eat. The teriyaki chicken is so juicy and tasty together with the soft and delicious pasta.

Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley 04
Scallop Pizza

First time I ate pizza topped with scallop because most of the time, I have is the scallop sushi. What a surprised! A good combination and the pizza taste so crispy.

Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley 05
Chicken Onsen Tamago Rice

It serve exactly alike Teriyaki Chicken Pasta but this serve on top of rice whereas the above on top of pasta.

Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley 06
Shortneck Clam Soup Pasta

I didn't manage to try this because I am extremely full.

Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley 07
Imagine 2 ladies ordered 4 dishes. What a big appetite we have!

Actually, we ordered the Mini Pasta set that serve 2 different type of foods in a mini size. I love this idea of Mini Pasta set because we can try different varieties even in a small group. The price is reasonable too for a set of Mini Pasta that cost RM23, whereas the ala carte itself cost roughly around RM20 and above.

Thinking of Pasta Zanmai, I definitely love to return again to try the other dishes. Have a blast and great weekend everyone!


  1. I am basically drooling to see the food @.@

  2. oh,pigi Midvalley tida kasitau si Aki.. aiyo.. he he he.. si Aki sana kerja,ko nda pigi tegur pun si AKi.. :-p.. But yeah,I know every single shop in Midvalley.. Ho ho ho..

  3. Yummy! I love anything from Zanmai! XD

  4. I love Pasta Zanmai and I usually order the set one as well, more worth it that way (: You should try Sushi Zanmai too!

  5. Lolzz :D I saw you commented in ty travel!
    She's my cousin!! :D

  6. love it too! i am working at midvalley but never go for Pasta Zanmai yet. >..<

  7. Looks like u've gals had a feast! Lol! Like u, I prefer Japanese to Korean food. The Chicken Onsen Tamago Rice makes me wanna go to an onsen :) Hey gal, thks for adding me to your blogroll & don't forget to pick up your award!

  8. I want that Scallop Pizza! It looks so yummy.

  9. same here, i prefer japanese food rather than korean. dunno how foodhunt on my korea trip soon.
    teriyaki pasta looks delicious, mayb wanna try it later

  10. only tried once at 1U.. ok lah.. but expensive :P

  11. I would like to try the scallop pizza after looking at your picture. XD Is it nice?

  12. @DoRa Priscilla - You should cause it really taste nice and delicious. Hahaha...

    @ I guess I already answering yours. Hahaha... Guess, we will meet in KK, Aki!

    @LauraLeia - Me too! Sushi Zanmai is affordable and worth to eat too.

  13. @Hilda Milda - You are one truly Sushi Zanmai madness. I try Sushi Zanmai twice and love to go back again before I am going back hometown.

    @Meitzeu - I know that when read few of her post entry. Wah! Meitzeu, you love to stalk people's comment box one? xP

    @Caroline Ng - You should go and try. It's really unique and taste nice :D

  14. @Euniceee - Yummy yummy!!

    @Blackswam - Thanks for the award, lovely! I will blog about that when I got the time to do so. Lots of scheduled post line up xP

    @LuPorTi - First try I'm having scallop pizza and seriously, it won't dissapointed you. Don't forget to go and try when visit KL.

  15. @maso.tee - Don't worry when you go Korea. I also afraid of that before going there. Try to find foods at their 24 hours convenience store. Sure some will satisfy your taste buds.

    @ken - A bit expensive but I guess that's normal when come to eateries in KL.

    @Evelyn Wann - A bit overbun but it's really taste crispy and nice.

  16. Hello Diane,

    Thanks for dropping by at my blog, its really nice to meet you.

    The shortneck clam soup pasta looks so good.

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