Monday, May 2, 2011

Su Ra Sang, Korea Restaurant @ D Junction

Happy Holiday everyone! Never thought we are almost in the middle of the year. Can't imagine that time fly really so fast. Ok, right now I gonna bring you all for "Bits & Bites" time. By the way, I am not a good food reviewer but I love to share my food post with you all. Happy reading!

Su Ra Sang, located on the first floor of the D Junction, not only served Korean cuisine but they do served Japanese cuisine recently.

Initially, I thought they only served Korean dishes even thought my brother told me that he saw there is salmon and sashimi printed on their promotion banner but still hard for me to believe. Not until I read Shin Chan post, ok so I made up my mind and informed my family and TTM to go there to have a try. And now they are having buffet promotion. For just RM30++ for adult and RM15++ for childen, you can eat as much as you can until you full but remember, unfinished foods will be charged.

Su Ra Sang means King's table in Korean language

Korean dolls that welcome you to the restaurant

Their menu for the buffet promotion

For your information, this is not a normal and typical buffet style. Instead of table placed in public area filled with various of foods and where you can pick and select foods you want (at first, this was what in my mind), but Su Ra Sang served in different way. You need to order the foods from the menu first and they will serve it to your table later. What I do for this? I request for a piece of paper and pen, then I wrote down all the list of foods I want. You can order as many times you want and there is no limitation. But I would like to stress here again, leftover foods will be charged as there were 2 ladies experienced this on the night we dined in there.

Ebi Tempura

Potato croquette

Sashimi; salmon, maguro and butterfish.

My favourite - SUSHI razz.



Korean dishes which recommend by the Captain. Taste nice

So next time if can't made up your mind whether to have Korean or Japanese dishes, now you can enjoy both at the same time. Good idea, right?cool

Su Ra Sang Korean Restaurant
Location: D Junction, 1st Floor, Jalan Penampang, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Opening hours: 11.00am - 2.30pm, 5.30pm - 10.00pm (open daily)
Tel: 088-703103

UPDATED: Unfortunately, Su Ra Sang Korean Restaurant had been closed down. 


  1. owh.. good post on food.. so tasty!!

  2. wow... Rm30 is quite a worthy price.. where is the place??? ^^

  3. Nick - Thank you on your compliment. Really tasty especially you can repeating order on your favourite dishes.

    Lululalalengleng - Hahaha.

    Germaine - The place is located in Lido. Nearby the furniture place. If you still can't find, don't hestitate to PM me.

  4. i am returning the favour..waa, interesting blog..i love travelling too :)..hehe

  5. Owh..this is one of the places to eat in KK in my 'Soon to try' list. Thanks for the review & info :)

  6. I love the foods here. I've been there twice already. Well, this summer, you can enjoy and experience the Beauty Of Thunderbird resort hotel and casino with lot of summer delicacies there.

  7. Follow aku balik ba hihi
    Ni link aku
    klik “skip ad” sblh kanan atas slps 5 saat ah hihi tq

  8. This is a nice restaurant!

  9. RM30 all you can eat?!

    and it's Korean and Japanese under one roof. Cool.

  10. Wow.. i feel hugry rite now..

  11. korean food.. :) sabah got what else popular food? :)

  12. FrecyllamAy - Yeap, i love to blog about travel. Foods is just part of my blog to share with you all.

    Aly89 - Glad that my post boost up your tastebud.

    Thunderbird - I had only been there once but I can't go for second times coz on diet after this.

    Badmintonwestonteam - Will visit your blog soon. Thanks for drop by :)

  13. Sailor - Yes, it is cosy and nice restaurant in btwn.

    Arms - Yes, Korean and Japanese dishes under one roof. Macam pizza hut pula. That's how it attract me to there.

    Donny - Just based on my picture makes you hungry? That's the power of picture, not only do the talk but attract people too. Hahaha..

    Nick - Welcome again! Well, Sabah got lots of nice foods such as Pork noodle which attract Hk celebrities fly all the way from HK to Kk just to try that and not forgetting the fresh seafood.

  14. something that should not be missed if i ever go sabah...

  15. it's hard to find halal Korean food here :(

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  17. thanks for dropping by my blog, i was on a hiatus for 1 month due to my busy schedule, not picking up again. love reading you blog, keep in coming.

    btw, is there a way for me to diable the widget on the left side, i uses my small mini notebook for blogging and i cant read the text that being overlapped by your cute widget :D.


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