Friday, April 1, 2011

So, How Many People You Fool Today?

Seems like everyone is aware of what date today. Yup, today is 1st of April and it is April Fool, my friend.

There are few bloggers posting "I Am Stop Blogging!", "No More Blogging!", or even "This Will Be My Last Blog" and so on.

For me, I do something different. Most of my friends know that I love to travel and recently I travel more often especially last year, I travel to 3 different countries for 3 consecutive months.

So, I post this (below) in my facebook and even my twitter last night:

april fool 03

And guess what response I get today:

april fool 01

april fool 02

I guess I did fooled 4 people. Hehehe.. I think I could fool more if I don't reply earlier. Anyway, HAPPY APRIL FOOL!


  1. erm.... no such things around me... we are seldom make anythings during april fool ;D

  2. hahaha...thanks for leave comment.. just want create some fun :P.. thanks for dropping by my blog..


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