Monday, April 25, 2011

Last Day of Taipei International Flora EXPO

From Tokyo to Monaco, and now I am taking you all the way to Taipei.

Today is the grand closing day of the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition. It opened on 6th November 2010 and run until today, which is their final day. This is Taiwan horticultural industry's first time performing as the lead on the world stage.


taipei 02
2010 X'mas Trip to Taiwan

Although I don't fancy flowers except for lily, but this exhibition really impressed me. It was fairly interesting and worth seeing with lot of flowers on display over the vast area of Taipei that the Flora Expo covers. Unfortunate for me was visit this exhibition for less than 2 hours is totally not-so-awesome as there are many things to see and worst case ever was crowded all over the area. cry

taipei 09
The famous pineapple soft cakes. Bought 5 boxes because it is taste delicious.

That is my short post of today. I will post more after done with the Japan and Monaco entry.


  1. From tokyo to monaco and now, taiwan... How many places you traveled in a year? I wish I can do that too... Must earn more $$$ first.

  2. I hope to visit Taiwan someday! Post more flower photo pleaseeee...

  3. Thanks for visiting mine too! :D That tart must be yummy! :D I'm amazed how many places you have traveled. I love travelling and your blog will surely guide me in the future! Hehe..

  4. You should post more pictures of the flowers... heehe just saying.

    LOL is there anywhere else in the world that you haven't been to? :D

  5. Wow u travel a lot. I wish i have much money to travel like you!! Whats ur job?U travel quiet often

  6. cool~ taipei 花博 ar.............. ur travel blog is very awesome too and will visit it always for sure~ ^^

  7. hmm.. im using EOS 60D, just bought it and its my 1st dslr too~

  8. Sailor - Thank you.

    Kelly - Last year I'd been to 4 countries. :P

    by.ya- I also want to go back Taiwan again because there are few places I miss out. I will post more flowers after my Japan trip. Please stay tune.

    Sweetandspicy - The tart really yummy. Until now, I still miss the taste. Glad that my blog can guide and help you. This is what my blog for.

    Arms - Ok~ I will post more in later post but not now. There are 195 countries but i only been less than 20 :(

    Cinoi - I am tour guide. You believe or not? Hahaha..

    KKzai - thanks for follow my blog. You follow mine, I follow urs too. Guide me how to use EOS60D :P


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