Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fruits Monster, Boutique Cupcake & Early Celebration

After Sailors' Cafe, Wawa was craving for Mango with sago while Pat was craving for avocado. So, we decided went to Fruits Monster as the night is still young. For us, the night always young one. Looks like a surprised from my deariest when in Fruits Monster.

Sweet and adorable cupcake from non other than Boutique Cupcake

Thanks to my cute, pretty, lovely, sexy and smart but crazy deariest

The ladies and the cupcakes

See how crazy and madness we are? Playing with the cream and loud non-stop for that night.
To My Dearies:
Wawa, Pat Foo, Shing Wei and Jane. Thanks for the celebration. Every year, you all sure won't miss out to celebrate my birthday. Really glad to have you as my crazy deariest. I love You. You love Me. We are Happy Family. =D


  1. wakaka...thanks for posting out our wonderful moment...
    haha..happy birthday dear...

  2. Your birthday coming soon or passed?????

  3. My birthday is tomorrow, Mei Tzeu :)

  4. Happy birthday!

    Btw, I like hw your blog features interesting eateries around KK & other places :)

  5. To StanChel: Thanks for the birthday wishes. You are the first person wish me in my blog :).. Thank you

    To Weiwei: Deariesst~~~ thank yoou so much...muacks~

    To Ashley: Thanks for the bday wishes. Glad that you like my blog features on foods. Between, i love your blog layout~ so sweet and beautiful.. :)


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