Monday, February 7, 2011

Heng Long Restaurant @ Warisan Square

As usual, every Sunday morning is the moment where my family and I will having brunch together. Since my first younger bro and my younger sister never try Heng Long before, so we decided to bring them to have a try on this Chinese delicacies restaurant.

Heng Long Restaurant is specialised in La Mian (Ramen), Xiao Long Bao and dim sum. By the way, this is not a new restaurant so not much I like to talk about except for sharing my thoughts and opinion on the foods I had.

We reached there around 11 something and the place not yet that crowded

Let's us look inside what's inside the menu

La Mien section

Different type of Chinese dishes

Mouth watering when seeing Dim Sum section

Milk Grass Jelly ordered by my youngest bro. Too much ice...

Vietnamese Chicken. This is one my favourite dish. It tastes sweet and crispy. I almost can eat the whole plate

Fried Rice with Salted Fish. Too bad we can't taste the origin taste as my bro had added soya sauce... Lol...

Here comes the first La Mien we ordered; La Mien with Fried Chicken Cutlet. The chicken is so crispy on the outside and taste good on the inside

La Mien with Minced Pork and Vegetable Wanton

See how big is their wanton? It is so juicy

Shanghai Steamed Meat Dumpling

Shanghai Pan Fried Dumpling

Although it cost RM6 for 3, but the filling is a lot

Finally, the Shanghai Pan Fried Meat Bun

It is so crowded when reached the lunch hour and it is almost fully occupied

Located at Warisan Square. By the way, there is another branch located in 1Borneo

Overall, the foods are taste nice and their service are friendly. Besides that, the price of the foods are average and not really costly. It is worth every penny you pay. Just the selection of dim sum is not much but we went there for their La Mien.

Warisan Square, Ground Floor, Block B
(Beside Hong Kong Recipe)

At night, it's time for my deariest. Having our dinner at the Japanese new outlet located at Suria Sabah, Sushi Tei and yam cha at newly opened cafe at Lintas. More to come on the next post.

By the way, it seems like my blog is more toward foods recently. Struggle a bit with my travel post. Anyway, enjoy your day~

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  1. Hi !! just wondering is Heng Long @ Warisan square still in operation? my frens went around June 2012, and it was closed..any ideas?



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