Friday, February 13, 2009

Sabah Trip of My Ji Mui

It happened 3 years ago and it happens again!
Somewhere around September 2006, a group of my diploma friends came to Sabah for 1 weeks plus vacation. Yup, Cuti-Cuti Sabah! It was their first time trip to Sabah. And this time around, in the middle of Feb, 3 of my BFF aka ji mui spend some of their precious moment for holiday in Sabah. So happy to see them!

Jenny came earlier as she came from Miri. I brought her first night dinner at Hilltop Restaurant. At there, it is famous for its western food especially chicken chop.
Jenny and her lovely smile. I talked about her before in my post.
Chicken Spicy Chop. Not spicy at all :P
Chicken Button Mushroom
Chicken with Cheese

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