Monday, January 26, 2009

CNY Eve Dinner 2009

It's coming and it is less than few hours. Everyone is waiting to receive the red packet fill with "ka-ching". Wear red clothes, visit friends and relatives, play fire crackers, and not forgeting gambling which will happens tomorrow.

Tonite is Chinese New Year Eve and every family is having reunion dinner. Wanna know what my family having for dinner this year? Prepare for yourself....
Bai Kut Wang or Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs
Mix vegetables
Curry Chicken
Fried chicken, fried prawn & fried fish
Roasted duck
Fish ball, cuttlefish ball, prawn ball, prawn ball, chicken ball and veggie for steamboat
Fried mee with char siew, egg, fish cakes, veggie and mushroom
AND MORE FOODS!!!! All is cook by my mom!


  1. wow!
    Steamboat for CNY EVE!
    First time i see.. hahah! nice tho!

    I use.... erm.... sony cyber shot only... hahaha! the fireworks big then i can take it big lo! lol!!!!
    Or else i teach you one trick!

    you take 5m pictures.. then you crop it. EASY!

    Love ya and happy cny to you too!

  2. My mom said steamboat got meaning behide...I don't know how to explain to u...Anyway, thanks for ur tips..


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