Monday, January 19, 2009

Around Europe in 20 Days [Part 6 - Italy]

27th September 2008

Vatican City

Early morning, we had to do exercise before going to the Vatican City. What I means was we were run again because our Miss Sarah scare of the long queue. This time the whole tourmembers run together and suddenly Andrew said a funny words. He said "Looks like we are signing for running tour." It was really funny. When we reach, it is really almost long queue and the tour haven't start yet. We were so lucky that time coz on that day, it was "TOURIST DAY", which means every entrance fee is FOC! Vatican city is the smallest state in the world by both population and area. Overall, the tour is quite boring :P.. However, we had the have the opportunity to see some of the finestworks of art in the world - the paintings in the Sistine Chape.
VATICAN CITY is the only country in d world that can LOCK ITS OWN GATES AT NIGHT!!

Though it is d SMALLEST COUNTRY in d world, It has its own phone company,radio,T.V stations,money and stamps.
It even has its own army,the historic SWISS GUARD..

"Sources: soldier 7"

Exactly at 12 pm, the tour finish and we continue our journey to visit Rome's ancient monuments. Besides that, we were on our way to meet Liong Sung and our senior, Gan. While waiting for them, we take this chance to enter Colosseum as it is free. If it wasn't free, the entrance fee cost 11 pound which approximate to RM55.

At last, we meet Liong Sung and Gan. After meeting them, Liong Sung said he was hungry and want to have his consider lunch. On the way to find some nice and cheap place to eat, we visit Victor Emmanuel Monument. This is a monument to honour Victor Emmanuel, who is the first king of a unified Italy.

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  1. " Tourist Day "... what a wonderful day.. everything is free.. :D
    i wish i was there on that day to heheheee...


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