Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Around Europe in 20 Days [Part 3 - Nice & Monaco]

22nd - 23rd September 2008

The third place that we heading to is Nice, France. Nice is a city in southern France located on the Mediterranean coast. The city is a major tourist centre and a leading resort on the French Riviera, home of the rich and famous.
The hotel that we stayed was a strategic location as the whole street full with shop such as Top Shop, Zara, H&M and lots more.
City of Nice
We were lost and we need direction! Help US!!!
End up taking photo with dog. His name was Polo.
Old Town of Nice, where the narrow cobbled streets house hand crafts and traditional French wares could be found here.
Place Masséna, main square of the city

Nice is the second most popular French city after Paris. Nice has a Mediterranean climate where we enjoyed with the mild temperature.

Nice beach. This photo was taken by Vincent and Andrew. The sad new was Nicole, Felicia and I didn't not made it to this place.

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