Monday, September 8, 2008

No Idea

Well, this time my title for this post. Kind weird coz I'm run out of idea. Some more, I'm not sure what should I write for this post but I really want to write something coz I'm getting addicted with blogs. :P.. Not only getting interested in writing blogs but I also getting interested in reading blogs. Yeah!! I had found lots of blogs to read especially from currently SHU students. Although I don't know some of them, but I really like to read their blogs. Hope you all don't mind..
Currently, almost
everynite I sleep quite late. Sometimes, even after 4 am, I still awake and I will only sleep after 4 am or even 5 am. What had I done? Well, exam is around the corner and I haven't well prepared for my exam. This time, I really hope I able to finish as I don't want to repeat the same things that I done during my college life "Last minute rush for study".. Most of students do this as last minute got motivation or new t
erms that I heard from friends yesterday "momentum" to study.. How many days left to final exam? Holy gosh! If include today which means 7 days left. Although 2 subjects, but I feel a lot to study because I used to study using text books. I should start study earlier. Everytime I start to write blog, I keep telling myself, start study start study but until this "almost last minute period" only I began to start do revision. I feel like no motivation and can't pay attention when I do my revision.
Last few days, I told Joyce Tan that I miss
TARC library. I told her I only study at library over here once and I was not used to it so I study at my own room. But I also can't study at my own room since lots of disturbance. By the way, it's not disturbance should I said.. Still don't get it what where those things? People, bed, laptop etc. I can't help myself from chit chat with my flatmates.. I can't help myself from become pig on my bed and I can't help myself from spending most of my days "dating" with my laptop.. But why ca
n't I spend my date fall in love with the books and notes? *double sigh =.="*
I really miss
TARC library. When I feel hungry, all I need to do is went to the canteen and have lunch without thinking what should I need to eat for today. Haiz...Life must go on.. Suddenly, feel homesick.. Why? Next post will continue what I want to say :P.. By the way, I should entitled my this post as "Study Life"..Why I never thought of that??

Not only study hard, we do play hard too.

"I feel like I missing someone that I miss the most"


  1. hahahahha !! u feel like missing someone you miss the most. alamak.

    so who is that. *cough*

    study smart last mnutes !! :P me too. good luck

  2. Hey Diana,

    I am missing someone a lot too. But I just can't let him know coz he is very far. Yeah, I know that feeling. It is killing me softly. Anyway, good luck and all the best in your coming exam ya.

  3. hi hi...hope i'm not late t wish u good luck in your exam here..
    I left msg in your msn the other day & i'm not sure that did u saw it..
    All the best ya...
    Did u joing Europe trip?

  4. Thanks Gin Hooi, Sonia and Mei Tzeu for ur wishes!! Gin Hooi, all da best for ur coming exam too..


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