Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Homesick (Can't Wait...)

Since the day I reach UK, I'm getting more homesick compare the time I study at KTAR.. Sound weird, right? I was supposed get to use of my independent life as I had been away from my hometown, Sabah for almost 4 years to pursue my study at KL.. And now I only in UK for less than 4 months, I feel like I want go back Malaysia as soon as possible.. But when I was in KL, I don't even feel homesick..
The reasons behind are because less entertainment at UK. Although I like the weather over here (makes me easy to fall asleep once i lie on my bed), but not much entertainment compare to KL life..
Cosmopolitan and comic magazines, I really miss both of u as u all accompany me before I go to bed..
2. Comic books
... When back to Malaysia, the first shopping mall I will search for will be KLCC coz of Kinokuniya...My favourite bookstore where my comic books are located..9 new of comic books is in store...I can't wait to get them...Hehehehe
3. Radio
... I'm getting outdated with the latest music...
; TGV and GSC...
5. Red Box Low Yat
... This is where me and my friends hang out together
6. Zati Manis
... Our old place where everynite we will 38 and laugh as like hell..
And not forgeting,
(especially nasi lemak and pan mee at Wangsa Maju)....
I'm really can't wait to go back Malaysia...
Last but not least, my beloved one and friends....Miss u all so much


  1. Ya. Your friends in Malaysia miss you too :) COme back fast fast :)

  2. I miss u too, Sonia..Hope can meet u when I'm back to Msia.. Miss ya so much!!


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