Thursday, September 11, 2008

At Last

This time I will crap again!! No mood for this few days..Lost concentration on study (come on wake up gal, exam is around the corner, not much time), lost appetite, can't laugh loud as usual, seldom talking...What happens by the way? I really wish to know but I'm really not sure what happen to me... Feel like want go back asap!!

Anyway, I had a nice chat with my very best ji mui, friend, buddy aka sister, Kai Wee. She always by my side when I need someone to talk to and there's she is.. Today she asked me to happy as usual! When I think back, I was really foolish!! Why should I waste my time thinking of those nonsense things? Why should I care so much? None of my business by the way! Those people can't show me the right path for my future.. I'm the one who can determine my own life!

At last, I had awake after chat with her. I'm really glad to chat with her today. And today is my first time I had my supper at UK with my flatmates! I had gained my appetite back!! They always cheer my up..By the way, they don't know what happen to me coz in front of them, I just can't stop laughing! Thanks to them too!!

Today I had read new blog post by Sonia. Excellent blog by her.. Well done! Give her applause.. Should go and read her blog.. Sonia, if you read this, this things happen a lot at here.. Mostly coz of long distance relationship..But 3 months only, their heart change so fast..I just don't get it. Can't this people appreciate their love life?

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