Thursday, July 31, 2008

Insufficient Time

Where had all my times gone? Sometimes I really wish if I could turn back time.. So many things I want to redo back if can. However, it's just my imagination. Hey! Wake up from the fantasy world, this is a cruel of the reality world. Well, according to my horoscope, Piscean always living in a fantasy world. It's true by the way coz most of the time, I always daydreaming. Does it related? I don't know..

Talk about the main points. Week 7 this week..Yes yes yes..I realized that but I don't appreciate it. I keep chit chat with my friends, almost every nite play choi di (poker card game), check my friendster and facebook as usual..Do assignments as usual. GOSH!! I abandoned my study as well as my homework..Where had the old -dianateo- been? That almost everyday including sat and sun went to library to do revision, do short notes, do homework, etc. What happens? Looks like no motivation at all.. Can someone tell me? I really keep thinking which places to visit..

How I wish could became Hiro Nakamura, character from Heroes series who has the abilitity to stop, rewind, forward & change the time?

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