Friday, August 1, 2008

AAC Nite in UK

Kind of little bit dizzy when I woke up this morning coz yesterday nite drank beer with my coursemate :P.. However, must wake up coz need to finalise our last FDM presentation. YEAH!! This time not my turn to present. It's not that I don't like present but I feel that my presentation skills had getting worst. Don't want to talk bout that..

It almost 1.30pm and we still not yet ready with our slide...NO!!!!!! Our presentation is at 2 pm. Luckily finish at 1.33 pm..Fuh!! Wah!! Can't imagine that Yong Siang, which was his 1st time presentation at SHU, not bad at all..Memorize for last minute and present without taking any short notes on his hand.

For Stanley, what should I talk more bout him again! STEADY AND RELAX WHILE PRESENTATION! But being asked 2 questions... The same question beings asked to another group too.. "What will you do tomorrow?"..I wonder, what it's means? So sad this time around no group photo again coz Stanley rushing go back hostel to take his luggage coz he's going to London.

After that, we all go our own separate way to look around. As usual, Fargate, Castle Market, The Moor, etc.. Can't help myself from shopping. Everytime said want window shopping, sure end up something on my hand..Haiz..Bought 2 new bags! OK, this time is my 1st time I bought bag at UK.. From castle market and Primark :P..Here is the pic of the bag I bought.

This is the night that I'd been waiting. Tonight AAC members will be having dinner together.. This is the 1st time we gathering after been in UK for so long. Thanks to our master chef, Siew Hsia for organize this. And you know what, she cook my favourite food, NASI LEMAK!!! Each of our contribute something such as Flat 1(Andrew, Wing Kat, Wendy, Chee San & Junnie) cook "mihun goreng", Flat 8( Wei Pei, Wee Jin, Tracey & Kok Ming) provide fruits, and not forget my flat, me and Liong Sung contribute fish fingers and ice-cream. Really having fun tonight and I really forget all my problems. Thanks to u all.. Hope we can do it again next time.
Yummy yummy!
My favourite food, nasi lemak
AAC Nitez!

By the way, during my primary and secondary time, today which is 1st August is friendship day. Happy Friendship's Day to all my dearest friends including those in Malaysia. I miss you all so much! Hope u all are doing fine but seems like you all are busy with your works. I understand. And not forget Happy Birthday to my DAC 13 classmate, Bee Lian..

Whitby..[Continue tomorrow]

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