Friday, July 25, 2008

Settle at last

It's been almost two weeks thinking which Europe trip should I join. Join Ken Air, senior's trip or STA..Each of this trip has different packages. Should I join 14 days trip but kind of rush or should I join 20 days where won't rush like hell during the trip but quite expensive? It's really headache. I love travelling as it was my main objectives came to UK but the problem is there's many things I need to consider.

At last, everything settle. Today full payment had given and cost me around 1100 pound. My mom will get a big shock if I tell her that but I plan to tell her later (Useless daughter :P)..Me and my friends joining STA as this travel agent going to 10 places in 20 days. So we won't be so rushing during the trip. It's quite far from my uni to STA and takes around half hours. Somemore, me and Hui Xiang were walking, we not talking any public transport. Well, at UK most of the time we using bus no 11...That's our term which stands for our leg..=.="

Europe! Wait for me!

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