Saturday, June 14, 2008

UK Life - First Day

My wish come true. At last, I had reached Sheffield, United Kingdom. I had landed to another part of the world. My flight was on 12nd June 2008 at 9.30 pm and flight via Etihad Airways. Anyone heard of this airline before? Not me either. It's the first time I heard of this airline. Anyway, the services provided were not bad at all. Got entertainment somemore such as movie, drama, games and not forget music. Got my favourite music too. Yes!!! Even they provide blanket, pillow, socks for us and it is free. We were allowed to take it out of the cabin.

Flying With Etihad Airways
Etihad airline and its free blanket

However, the in-flight food are cold. Maybe due to long hour flight. How long is our flight? Let me recall back. From KLIA to Abu Dhabi International Airport, we reached at 4 am. Which means almost 7 hours flight. OMG! Wait..That's not our final destination. Our final destionation is Manchester Airport. Another 7 hour plus flight. Quite tired and when I inside the plan, all I can do is sleep sleep and sleep. Reach Manchester Airport at 4 pm (M'sia time).

Meals Inside Etihad Airways
One of the dishes provided inside cabin

Once we stepped out of the airport, it was really cold. Plus, it was raining somemore. We were not use to the weather over there cause as we all know, Malaysia is very hot. My friends told me that weather at UK at that moment was 8 degrees. But we were very excited as we can't wait to see our hostel.

Bus From Manchester To Sheffield
On the way to our hostel

Reach our hostel at last after 1 and half hour journey from Manchester Airport. Our hostel name is Charlotte Court. There is KFC nearby. Sure can't wait to have our lunch or dinner at there. We're being told that not all of us will get 6 rooms in one flat. Maybe some of us need to separate as there are few students still study at that moment. But me and my gang were consider to be lucky coz we can get 6 rooms.

Yeah! Our flat number was 43. Before going to find out about out flat, I was thinking, will my flat located at upper floor just like my college hostel back in Kuala Lumpur? If yes, then I will be in dead meat since I carried plenty of luggage bags with me. Fuuuuuuuuuuh! Lucky again. My flat was situated on the ground floor. I was amazed with our room. Each of our room is attached with toilet. My room number was 6. So from now on, my address is Flat 43, Room 6. Anyone wanna post something to me, you are welcome to do so and I'm glad to receive it.

Charlotte Court 02
My comfort single bed

Charlotte Court 01
My long table with my laptop on it.

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