Friday, July 18, 2008

Finally It's Over

Finally my nightmare is over..What else non-other than assignment? As one of my FDM group member, Soke Yee said, it's really killing us softly.. I really hate assignment..Every week assignment, every week presentation, almost every night discussion..I really fade up with all this.. I thought I can having my honeymoon over here..Well, travelling is my main objectives for coming here..Second is pass all my exam and I didn't expect for much higher achievement..If I able to get Second-Upper, it will be pleasure to me..

By the way, thanks to Andrew and Tracey for telling me that my favourite dessert is having an offer. 5 pound for two, which approximately to RM32.50 and each only cost RM16.25. Compare to Malaysia, this ice-cream cost RM30 plus for each only back in Malaysia. When I'm feeling depress, tension, stress, the best way is to take a spoon and dig in this ice-cream. I tasted this ice-cream before when I travel to China.

Haagen-Dazs, cookies & cream and belgian chocolate favourite

Well, presentation 2molo..Sleep earlier, if not, the lecturer will see a panda in front of them..:P

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